Could be more transparent? Experienced traders' advice welcomed

  • So like many other players I'm having a nightmare in the last few months after cruising in my first 6 months (joined late 2019). Thankfully I withdrew some profits in the good times but I'm definitely at an overall loss, which is getting worse by the day.

    I haven't studied the minutiae of the market design like others have; I basically aimed for a mix of capital appreciation & dividends based on my football knowledge and it seems the first is virtually impossible now. Ho hum, it's a gambling site after all.

    What's frustrating though is lots of old timers keep saying 'the dip will end' and 'great time to buy', often citing the previous boom and busts in FI. But as far as I can tell the site doesn't offer charts showing the index's performance over time (i.e. over months and years), or let you look at a player's price over more than a 12-month view. Or am I missing something?

    It seems completely un-transparent not to offer that - what's the reasoning? There's no way I'd put more money in unless I can actually see the market has recovered from previous dips.

  • @NewUser453413 This dip is incomparable to any other FI dip as we have moved to an entirely new system that entails a totally new way to value and trade players.

    I get your point, but looking back at previous dips and peaks would be irrelevant on this occasion.

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