What to do...

  • What to do... I understand the market is on its knees, and I'm not here to moan or cry about it.

    I currently have a load of players that are down considerably from when I purchased them.

    For example:
    blah blah blah.

    I will be holding back for the time being in terms of making a deposit, however I will be investing once I feel is the right time, my question is would I be better investing my money in players returning divs, or trying to buy more of the players I hold at cheaper prices and reducing the average on them?

  • Don't think about it as reducing your average. Think about it as an entirely new bet completely separate from your previous bets, only factoring in the circumstances that are in front of us now.

    If you think that's a good bet to make, then top up. Don't fall into bad gambling logic that results in you chasing losses

  • @B-EVO

    Thanks for your input.

    Yeah that's a great point you make!

    Tbh, there is a few players in the list I still have faith in, especially Torres, Osimhen and Dolberg, a few good performances which they are all very capable of there price could change drastically, so if i can bring the average down it could be worthwhile.

    However there are definitely some shite players in the list mentioned that aren't going to do much, and I'll probably have to take a big hit on them when I manage to get out.

  • yep good advice by @B-EVO
    For lower end if you hold, ive gone back to being patient https://forums.footballindex.co.uk/topic/19834/the-lower-end-trapped-holds-ob-patience/9

  • @Westy


    That's greats info! helps a lot.

    Just hoping for the market to stabilize before I make any deposits, whenever that will be haha.

  • Where are the circuit breakers or would they not be used in this instance.
    Brown sunday was a massive hit but this is worse if you ask me.
    Nothing is turning these prices around.
    Are we close to a market suspension?
    Something has to give surely🤔
    Answers on a postcard please🤔😉

  • FI are loosing their product here and they are sitting on their hands not knowing what to do.

  • @Gazz127 FI will be very pleased with their business position as of right now.

    The customer noise is hurting them, but inevitable when they fuck up the launch of OB's like they have done.

    It should sort itself in time.

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