• Hi I’m new so bit of a daft question to experienced traders but what are the factores of the buy now price going down? Is it when people bid lower the. It goes nearer to that price?

    I’m sure there’s a few reasons why it goes down but I wanna know why before I invest thanks

  • Having not looked at my portfolio since last night, I see that the race to the bottom still continues apace.

    If only the fearful would take themselves in hand and realise that they control the prices. There appears to be plenty of liquidity according to the amount beng traded, so sellers need to grow some and cancel their sell orders and then replace them with higher prices. They may have to wait a bit longer, but they will achieve a better outcome for themselves if they take this action.

    I am aware that those buying will not appreciate this advice, but as with the advice to those thinking about 'investing' in CashFX, I am only trying to stop people harming their wealth.

    By raising your prices, you will reverse the decline of FI and your portfolio's and we all may be in a better place. Well, all except the greedy!

  • @NewUser585768 the buy now price represents the lowest 900 shares offered by traders, so if the buy now price is dropping it's because of traders listing progressively lower

  • I don't see how any trader is 'winning' at the minute.. not unless you're going to be one of the select few who get in at the absolute bottom of many of these players, if there is a bottom that is..

    The platform is full of gamblers, not traders, at the end of the day.. and probably a lot of impatient and quite frankly, stupid ones who are fixated on their portfolios looking 'green'.

    They've probably lowballed on a player 2/3 days ago thinking they've got a bargain and as the price continues to drop and god forbid, it goes into the red, they then panic sell and use the remaining money to either purchase the same player or another at a 'bargain' price - rinse and repeat. The only winners with this are FI raking in the commission.

    On the flip side, I do think there are sensible individuals, both new and existing who have accepted their previous losses, who are just waiting patiently with the money in their accounts to pick the opportune time to dip back in.

  • someones waiting cos the top 50 players are currently dropping in price.

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