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  • I have just been browsing the latest reviews on there and they are truly shocking. Cannot see why any new customers will want to join . However i found this on there sent from them an hour ago if anyone is interested.
    Reply from Football Index
    39 minutes ago

    Thank you for sharing your review with us.

    We know the launch of Nasdaq has been long awaited. Over the last 9 months the engineering teams at Football Index and NASDAQ have joined forces to work on our back-end integration. We recently hit a key milestone, with a series of test Orders successfully passing through the NASDAQ matching engine.
    For Traders, these back-end changes arenโ€™t visible. Front-end platform enhancements will come when we launch auction-style IPOs. Work on this has been placed on-hold, along with the Media Monitor, whilst we focused on the recent update, and will recommence now they have gone live.
    We will update you further as soon as we have firm delivery dates.

  • @NewUser531742 wasn't this exact paragraph featured in one of the recent updates? Think they've just copy and pasted it. Not saying there's anything wrong with that but I've definitely read these same words somewhere else recently.

  • @NewUser531742

    Just a rehash of the latest announcement, basically saying that they've successfully completed a few tests. The previous announcement said NASDAQ would be fully implemented in Sept 2020, we can all accept IT isn't always easy but I doubt much is more predictable than FI promising the earth, moon & stars & delivering next to nothing. NASDAQ is unlikely to be fully here within the next 12 months IMO & as such i don't see the Trustpilot review improving anytime soon either, unfortunately.

  • The only surprise here is that they didn't start their response with "We've listened to our customers and .....".

    They even ended it with the same open ended bollocks of a delivery date.

    "We know the launch of Nasdaq has been long awaited. Over the last 9 months the engineering teams at Football Index and NASDAQ have completely ignored each other, whilst the forces of darkness work hard on the back-end shafting of our customers. We recently hit a key milestone, with a series of sporadic updates, which test our traders patience, but which successfully take money from their portfolio value, and pump it straight into the false dreams of implementing NASDAQ matching engine.

    For Traders, these back-end poundings are visible, and you now have 4 ways in which you can choose to view your shafting, mid-view being the deepest, most painful and popular option.

    Front-end platform enhancements will come when we actually have a decent customer base, but just in case we gain some form of liquidity in the market, we will launch auction-style IPOs, thinning it back to oblivion, and subsequently shafting you further. Work on this has been placed on-hold, along with the Media Monitor, and every other useful function you could think of, to enable you to actually trade, whilst we focused on filling our pockets after the recent update, and will recommence if the market manages to stay alive.

    Obviously we don't have a fck'n date in mind, why would we, we apparently have an open-ended contract with NASDAQ, but we will update you using meaningless communication updates, which we will pre-communicate to you a few days before we actually communicate them to you, and then update you further as soon as we have firm delivery dates (which we don't have).

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just reading some of the reviews, and the number of reviews that have been placed within the last month or so. It's shocking it is still maintaining a 4 star rating on there.

    Strange influx of positive reviews around the 19th of September probably helped, guess that was a social media movement?

  • The index is currently fucked, trying to be positive but complained on Monday or Tuesday and got shitty same old bollocks response that we our listening and take your thoughts on board, yea fucking right

  • @MUFC what did you complain about?

  • @Chilling-Rick their bulllshit lies, false dates for Nasdaq, IPOs etc still nowhere near implementation. All in all they are fucking running every loyal traders port in to the ground until they feel they can't sell at those prices and then you have no liquidity and a stale as fuck market

  • Ipos the last thing we need at the minute!

  • @MUFC ah ok, not sure complaining will help, if anything will make situation worse. Not ideal situation at the minute

  • @Chilling-Rick how will it make it worse, surely a complaining customer makes you think

  • I just had a read and it does not look good on there ,I thought us on the forum were negative enough but on trust pilot people are really hitting hard

  • It doesnโ€™t look good in the market either, new customers should know what they are walking into. Itโ€™s morally wrong to deny the negativity for our own personal interest.

  • I took a five star review off trustpilot which I gave it last year, not to complain that 'profit is down' but because FI take bets, then change them significantly and although I'm stuck on here confident of turning it around, I wouldn't now want to advise that someone joined the platform as I dont particularly think they have a great chance of making money from it! Whereas before I told a number of friends to invest, I wouldn't tell anyone to put money into the platform these days!!

  • I left a midly shitty review but felt guilty so deleted it.There is a review on there as of tonight which is absolutely shockingly offensive to the ceo of footall index,id be suprised if the guy who wrote it doesnt get a visit from the police.The guy has obviosily lost a pot of dosh but his coments are vile,truly not a good thing to ive lost a few hundred quid but i only blame myself because im fully grown and even if i did bitch about it nobody is going to give me it back.

  • @Shaun442 Some of the reviews on there are truly pathetic, did folk want to sell when prices were really high? why do they now want to sell when they are significantly lower.

    Some even think on there that after 3 years you lose everything, its apparent plenty put money in thinking it was like a high interest paying savings account and never looked fully into the product. Quite worrying but they want to vent somewhere i suppose.

  • @dannypea I would say new people have more chance of making money than older people as our ports have taking a battering

  • @MUFC my point, there's no guarantee that the bet will stay the same though! I can't really 'advise' anyone to 'gamble' on a product when I myself don't know 'if' the gamble is worth it!

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