40% Bonus...

  • So what do we all think about the 40( ! ) % bonuses FI are throwing around to the people who sold up months ago, so that while all their loyal customers have lost their shirt over the past 2 months, they get to swoop in, make money off us and f*ck off again..

    Personally I think it's a kick in the nuts. I've had an official complaint rumbling on, but hearing about this i'm going to move it on to stage 2.

    What an utter shower of sh*te this company is.

  • @NewUser395079 where are you seeing this?

  • Provide a screenshot of it please

  • @Node This guy received it, 40% deposit bonus when you deposit £50


  • Is it not only on 50 quid? So a max handout of £20?

  • @Tom77 I got it in an Email. Spend 50 pound and get 20 pound in cash. 50 the limit though

  • I have been sold up (as most of the forum has known) for a while.

    No offer for me, But maybe thats cos I have been depositing now without the offer. Oh well....

    If you're going to do a promo it should be for everyone!

    Alternatively the offer doesn't exist... Lets get a screen grab!

  • @Millonarios Oh, it's only £50 lol.

    Ok, i'll delete the topic shortly. False alarm.

  • @NewUser395079 Sorry i should have specified that. I only included it in my comment as whether its 50 or 5000 40% bonus seemed excessive, almost desperate. I googled Bruno Fernandes Football Index to see his price (i bought and sold him for about 9.50 and from there after seeing his current price iogged in for the first time in Months and seen the damage.

    Its 100% real though. I am not very good with technology. I have taken the screenshots but i dont know how to copy the URL of a screenshot and post it here.

  • @Toptom it ain't a promo for all its to try and get some of the money back into the index that left. I know a few who got it myself included I thought nice litle touch if I fancy a dabble. The thing is if they keep doing deposit bonus etc for all it inflates the prices more, that was the trouble to start with bonuses every 6 months or so.

  • @NewUser395079

    I totally agree with. Traders whi have not solder in the past 6 months have been walked over.. . Theyve basically took the p... in other words they are saying yes you should have sold like others!! Although their official statements were encouraging us to buy further.


  • @Falcon is there a bookies that does? It's all about numbers


    FI are not bookies. Its a totally differemt platform and dynamics are totally different.

    Personally, I'm confident I'll come out of FI in profit but in their worse times they have nothing to offer theor loyal customers. Hence I offcpurse will have the same sentiments towards them.

  • Do we think there is a deposit bonus coming? Thought there might be one yesterday. Feels like they need to do something to kick start the upward curve

  • @CLACKETT The reasons i am considering just staying away despite a lot of players looking huge in value are the same as the reasons i left in the first place.

    Changes in how to win a bet

    I left because i was unsure about changes that seem to be constantly implemented

    (Should i sell my 500 Donnarumas if Goalkeepers pb scoring system changes or if they get their own pb category it could be huge value

    Should i sell my Neymar, what if one day out of the blue there is no more media rankings

    Should i buy portuguese league players and hope primeira liga gets pb league status)

    To sum up reason 1 is it says "earn money from your football knowledge" but i seemed to be investing money by guessing what way football index platform would evolve rather than anything to do with football itself

    The 1000 pound profit i made was from my knowledge of covid 19 not football lol. I bought all Bundesliga players knowing it would be the first league back.

    And reason 2

    KYC issues

    They are way too strict on this IMO and i read some horror stories of people with high 6 figure portfolios syruggling to pass their checks.

    It took me a week and a lot of documents to get them to accept my 4.5k withdrawal

    I was selling players 1 by 1 and withdrawing 100s and 200s with ease but when i sold Bruno and Neymar suddenly i had to submit a tonne of documents.
    I login for the first time in 6 months and see this is still an issue for people.

    Its a sad state of affairs when im nervous to deposit money and buy shares in players half the proce i was happy to pay a few months ago.

  • @Falcon ok should have said gambling platform!😂

  • For example Neymar. How can you buy shares in him when 1 day you might get the dreaded "huge announcement incoming" tweet or email.

    Every time i got those emails i was selling Pogba, Neymar in case the announcement was the end of media divs.

    The day they announce that those type of players will plummet.

    I know football index is still very new but will they ever get to a stage where they dont have to drastically alter their product and by extension peoples bets?

  • @Millonarios yeah totally agree with all you said. I look at the market and see that if I invest 50 to get 20 back I'm stil convinced that I'd b at a loss due to the drop In players that will keep going for a bit because peoples values of what they want is way to hig and unrealistic at present

  • @CLACKETT just to confirm you still think prices are way too high ?

  • @NewUser395079 Don't worry about stuff you cannot control mate, Bookmakers offer bonuses to some players more than others. It's normal just forget about it.

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