Main PB players for next season

  • Are there any players you expect to join the high scoring PB players next season?

    I expect Otamendi to score highly again and also Depay if Fekir does leaves. I noticed Lewis Holtby has been scoring consistently high PB scores, maybe he could return a few dividends next season.

  • Depay is a great shout. And this from somene who doesn't currently hold Depay.

  • @NewUser134077 Hamburg's relegation was confirmed this past weekend, so as it stands Holtby won't be PB eligible next season. Could well move to a PB team, but having watched him quite a lot this season (Hamburg are my German team) I wouldn't expect him to be troubling the top of the leaderboard too often. Did get a good score at the weekend though, that's true.

  • @SambaStar I agree about Depay and do not hold him either. I noticed him when he was £1.40 and would have bought him then but didn't have the money. He shot up a week or so later.

  • @BL__FI

    Anyone you expected to leave Hamburg?

  • @SambaStar The word from within the club is they think they can hold onto most of the big names, but hard to know how true that is. In any case, the main one of FI interest seems very likely to leave and that's Fiete Arp. 18-year-old striker who already got game time this season and has been linked to Bayern and Tottenham. I already held and sold him earlier in the season as I couldn't see too much more growth, but if rumours of coming to England grow I'm sure there'll be at least one more price spike.

    Filip Kostic is too good for the second tier and should be good for PB in theory as he takes a lot of set pieces, but I don't think his scores have ever really matched expectation. But maybe if he was in a better team ...

    Douglas Santos you might already be familiar with? I like him and although he now claims he's very happy in Hamburg I know he was unsettled earlier in the season so wouldn't be surprised if he moves, but my suspicion is that if he leaves he'll return to Brazil, which would obviously be a killer in FI terms.

    Gideon Jung is also quite a talented youngster, listed as a defender but often plays in midfield which can be handy for scores, but looks like he has close to zero ownership so clearly hasn't impressed on FI. In any case, I have a feeling he might stick with them and try and get promoted at the first attempt.
    Edit: Also worth pointing out since this is from an FI point of view - Santos and Jung only have one Hamburg goal between them (admittedly in a very low-scoring team, but still not exactly impressive)

    So all in all I'd say Arp is the best bet, but it's also possible the profit ship has sailed on that one - hard to know!

  • Depay for sure, Aubemayang, Sancho could really kick on, Gnabry. Hoping to see Parejo back up there, Immobile. Defenders who pass a lot and grab the odd goal - e.g. Koulibaly.
    These are a few I'm holding over the summer anyway. Interested to hear other suggestions.

  • Well, I'm not sure about guaranteed PB for next season, so I'll tell you one to avoid.

    Davide Astori, currently showing as 51p on the index.

    I keep my ear close to the ground, and rumours are circulating he's unlikely to get much game time next season ...

  • @johnboywalker I think they should remove him off the FI if he is still on it. What are they playing at?

  • @NewUser59855

    I know, it's a bit daft.

    You never know though, he might win media buzz one day, if the Daily Sport run with a story of him being spotted alive and well in Vegas with Elvis.

    The Astori family can take great pride in the fact that a dead Davide, is still worth almost twice as much as Claudio Yacob (31p).

  • @Indexical I agree with Aubameyang especially with the new manager.

    I currently hold Sancho and hope he kicks on next season but he's certainly a long term hold for me.

    Ramsey has had a huge dip with no WC etc...may have to compete for game time under new manager but I am thinking of investing soon as his PB return across the season has been impressive! Thoughts?

  • A bit of a left field option, but I’m holding Davide Calabria. FB at Milan, only 21 I think but getting good game time and his Pb scores are pretty good. Not expecting a return for him this summer but start of next season I think he’ll start to creep up toward the £1-1.10 mark (currently 79p), maybe more if he gets some transfer links.

  • Schick at Roma will get more game time next year, at 92p he's a very good price

  • The problem with PB is its very situational.

    A team changing its system can dramatically impact on a player's PB potential. A player can easily change their position or set piece responsibility and so on.

  • Can’t help but feel Insigne will start the season well, no World Cup so will be fresh and Napoli a team that scored a few goals, Immobile could fall into the same category also

  • @NewUser59855 I think fi will return any money invested in him back to the traders and then remove him. I don't think it'd look great to see them profit off the back of a person's death!

  • @Blue-Python I agree with you. It's very sad what has happened to him. It's weird a gambling site having a dead player up for sale so people can make money out of him winning MB or PB however. I get the dark sense of humour part to it, but they should have a little sense as-well.

  • @NewUser59855 think he'd struggle to win PB pal

  • @NewUser134077 agree with you on depay. I've gone on a bit of a gamble and assumed that laporte will replace otamendi next season

  • @Noirx4 that's a big shout - I think Laporte is definitely a gem and a long term hold that could reward early, any CB in a possession dominant City team will do well stats wise.

    Any views on Thiago or David Silva?

    Silva is getting on a bit but with his style of play could see a couple more influential seasons imo

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