Trent at 3.50?

  • Anyone like Trent at this price?

  • honestly i don't. Since he's not been taking all the set pieces his PB has suffered, plus he's injured. It's all about the IPDs for next 8/9 games imo

  • @NewUser395079 True, but more longer term I meant.

  • Never expected him to drop to this point but the thing is even though he looks a good price now, what’s to say he won’t drop even further in a few days?

    Not sure how much divs he won last year but he did win a couple bronze days and a few gold iirc. I don’t think Trent would do £3.50 in divs in next 3 years but over career I’d be inclined to agree that it’s achievable.

    Personally wouldn’t buy him but that’s just me, still think he’s a good defender for PB though

  • @NewUser7 longer term it's a good price i guess... But then i thought £1.40 was a good price for coutinho this morning and now he's 99p.

  • Too expensive, would consider at 2.80 or less. Defence is the only un-dominate position on the index, considering Ramos is 34 and Navas also near the end.

  • @NewUser395079 99p looks good now lol. I guess sub 3 pound for Trent then.

  • @NewUser7 Yeah, treat yourself to some coutinho, Flash sale, everything must go.

    He's fit for the game this weekend, priced as if he's died.

  • @NewUser395079 Top top player coutinho. Trent has returned under 10% at 4.41 since January so not good.

  • @NewUser7 Yep, I fully expect to make plenty on him, just pissed off that He's dropped 25% today for literally no reason.

  • Why does everyone have to return there value in 3 years? Dont understand why you cant by a player , hold for a PB win or two and then move on . I think value to be based on percentage chance of winning PB

  • @AndydfopT said in Trent at 3.50?:

    Why does everyone have to return there value in 3 years? Dont understand why you cant by a player , hold for a PB win or two and then move on . I think value to be based on percentage chance of winning PB

    Because you can't make money on this platform like that anymore.. these prices are ridiculous though and people looking for 100% returns in divs on a player are also out of touch for me and are setting themselves up for a fall if that's their level of expectation when purchasing a player.

    Coutinho at 99p with the current divs on offer could easily return 50% within 3 years which is a great return.

  • Personally, I think Robertson is playing the best football that he's ever done and Trent has just had a few quiet weeks, some of which were tactical where he was asked to stay back. They're still averaging around the same number of points, though.

    He will get plenty of dividends. At the moment, I see the top performers having a fair valuation of £5-6, so TAA at 3.50-4.00 is about right, especially with him being only 22 years old.

    If you didn't sell at the higher levels, you may as well keep hold of him now unless you plan to fully exit.

  • @AndydfopT

    Not even that, it’s ROI. And at some point the ROI isn’t worth the cost. Before stuff went crazy i think anything under 10% wasn’t worth having, because there are other places to put money for single digit yields

    Eg, if i have a FTSE index tracker with 4.5% yield + share gowth, why would i buy a player with 4% yield?

    Also, if two players in the same position are the same age and one yields 20% while the other yields 12%, which would you rather your money was in?

    What determines the value is what people are looking for, some want 50%, others 30%, while some are happy with 15%.

    People buy when they are happy with the yield.

    In a stable market this is why some players cost £10, because they yield over 10% and some people are happy to have that 10%. If a player yields more than £1 a year per share, some people would buy for £10, if the player meets their spec (age, position etc).

    This is also why a 33year old messi is worth more than £4 and a 22 year old TAA is not worth £4. TAA has nothing other than potential yield and his historic yield is underwhelming, while messi is returning 50% per year.

  • @Evoke89 that's what I'm saying. So you agree that you valuing a player over returning 100% in three years just plain greedy

  • @AndydfopT trent may be the wrong example but he was posting high PB scores regularly not so long ago. Therefore his chances of winning were higher and people bought into that

  • @AndydfopT

    Yeah, sorry have a bad habit of miss reading/interpreting.

    Yes, i think people that value players at 100% over 3years are living in cloud kookoo land, unless they have seen the future. Obviously with cap-app players can earn more than 100%.

    If a player yielded 100%, they wouldn’t stay that price for very long, thats just common sense right?

    The fact that players have a resale, means players are valuable at less than 33.34% annual yield.

    This also adds fruit to the fire, why people selling to get out are stupid, they are selling their yield, and potentially losing more money in the long run.

  • I know he’s had a bit of a disrupted start to the season, but last year he had the highest PB av of any defender, had a pb high of 299 and won some media. He is 22, has CL, Euros etc. I don’t own but if I had any disposable I would be happy to get him for £3.50.

  • @Ecniv The drops are absolutely brutal on dozens of very good buys but it is guessing the bottom.
    Im tempted on many players and guess many others are but its committing 🤨

  • @Gazz127 I know!! Just think I’ll be kicking myself when he smashes in a free kick in the euros and goes through the roof!!

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