The Market will come back, it always does

  • It is true that this is a gambling platform, but this platform is much better platform than years ago. It is true that we are not going to see the same sort of returns again, but the returns will still be much better than putting the money anywhere else, moreover by investing in something that we like and we understand.

    The Market will come back, and it always does in these sort of markets - it's a matter of revising the history in trading markets. In this market sentiment some people were cautious and I'm sure other panicked - most of them will come back when the prices are high again missing the opportunity to buy at these prices!

    Young players like Mbappé, Cherki, Ansu Fati, Ferrán Torres... these players are here to stay and to become stars, they are not going to get worse, and when they go up the others will find their place in terms of market price.

    By the way, FI is not going to go burst, they are making more money now than ever by getting their 2% for every sell and matching that is happening now and if they consider that they need to update the rules again to motivate the investors they will do.

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