Can someone explain what’s happened?

  • Before anyone accuses me of not reading etc etc there’s so much info out there whether it’s Twitter, announcements and the forum it’s overwhelming.

    I’m noticed a lot of traders complaining it’s down to liquidity?

    I’m looking for a brief summary of what’s actually happened the past while that’s caused the market to fall? Thanks in advance.

  • @Juno me too anyone shed any light ???

  • Some traders are listing their players for less than they are worth and hoping to buy them back cheaper. That is how to profit in a falling market. If it works they make paper profit and have 8 games of IPD. It's risky if market moves suddenly, but a perfectly valid strategy. Others are just watching from the sidelines.

    If I'm right it's not a problem. Just a way of exploiting the bear market.

  • Random worked examples.

    Two things are happening,

    Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 21.50.16.png

    Players with bids are getting "front run". The 28/29p 700 shares want to sell up and are pretty casual. They have not logged in since they put the bid in, The issue is the 24/25p bids are taking up all the sales. Once they get a sales at the 24p they will start front running the buy side and buy at 17p. The issue is the 28p never get a chance to sell. So when these users log back on they will be even more annoyed by the market and under cut even more. So the prices will only go down till these "I WANT OUT" can get out.

    Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 21.55.17.png

    Players don't have buy offers and people want out keep bidding them down. The issue is, 1) no new money is coming in either from deposits or from selling other players (and if you do manage to sell its better to front run from part 1 rather than buy someone falling) and then even when people do put money in its not enough for all the players (1400+) that currently have no bids 2) people are scared to buy cos they cant see lots of offers that show they can get out.

    Probably alot more going on but thats my take atm.... Cue the downvotes!

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