Why I'm positive and you should be too

  • Having had a torrid time with FI over the past few months, with portfolios declining constantly, it is a common assumption on these forums that FI will go bust.


    They have a ton of money from people instant selling, they will be in a very stable position and their company will keep running for as long as they want it to.

    When I joined just over a year ago, I read these forums and realised that I had missed out on super low prices for players by joining 2 or 3 years too late. Everyone was bragging about how they'd picked up these great PB and MB players at super low prices when FI had just begun, and had been reaping the rewards ever since.

    Those prices are nearing towards where they once were! This is the ultimate Buy Low, Sell High example. I, like a lot of people, didn't sell high, but held on and suffered from the drop over the past few months. A vast majority of those who have sold up have been on this platform for years and had made a great profit over that time and had decided to cash in.

    But the market will bounce back! Coronavirus will hopefully be over in the next year, fans will be back in stadiums, and we have a European Championships next year, followed by the World Cup after that. Couple that with Football Index still being advertised everywhere, and I am confident that this company will grow again.

    Sure, we haven't been treated as well as we should have been, we have been unable to trade players which is ridiculous, and those who joined in the past year will have suffered the most, but to those who have suffered, I say keep the faith in the business if your nerves can handle it, adapt to the changes that have happened, and reap the rewards of the low prices when the market starts to rise.

    In a years time, people will be bragging on here once again about how cheaply they picked up shares in Sancho, Mbappe, Neymar, and we'll give this period a memorable name like we've always done, and everyone will have got used to the new index and will be making easy money again like before.

    One last point: it hasn't escaped me that a lot of the negative comments come from people with the names 'New User...'. It's plainly obvious that people have been setting up new accounts to slander the company/shift the focus to other related companies/drive the prices down to jump aboard when they are at their lowest. They have been creating such a negative atmosphere, and it's time to share some positivity.

  • @Swan I give with these sentiments and I will remain patient although it does piss you off when you see your portfolio has dropped by £700 + in value in the last 7 days!!

  • @Mick-The-Pie I meant agree!!

  • I do not think FI will go bust anytime soon but it is something that has to be factored into our risk. Buy commission hasnt come in for market reasons - that is bullshit. It has come in because FI need money. They will not be making from buy now in this market, they've spent shit loads on marketing and new deals, technology, and a new dividend structure that sell commission alone cannot fund. If people are leaving then that is bad for FI and bad for us. The more punters the better, for obvious reason. Especially for FI, as invariably some of the less patient, who are more likely to hit buy now, have left. We need new money and FI will likely have to provide it whilst an angry userbase will also expect something else in the coming months. It is costly and their reputation has been hit badly in the last few months.

    And Mbappe hasnt hit his bottom yet imo. As a general rule, the old market should be forgotten. Most of the vaulations were bullshit and we wont reach those prices again without IS. There is plenty of great value and some are clearly too cheap but the last few months has also seen a necessary re-balancing in valuations. There is room for optimism but it should be the cautious kind.

  • Id believe all this if it was the first time I'd read something along these lines. Unfortunately for us all, its what the fifth or sixth now within the last six months? (Even before Brown Sunday). It needs an uptick in fortunes and fast, or else the product is dead in the water.

  • @Leighton

    We've certainly had our fair share of false bottoms.

    The entire market is basically Pogba at this point. Back when he was £8 everyone was singing and then when he hit £7, people were like, "Keep selling idiots, I'll keep buying", then he hit £5 and everyone was like "WTF, I just robbed a guy of 300 Pogba at £5er each, don't these peple know it's a 3 year bet".

    Now you can get him to £2 and nobody is even bidding.

  • i was only playing with profit after withdrawing all else a couple of weeks ago. Just made a small deposit of all things. Its either boom or bust from here. Few shares in players for divs 1.40-1.90 range.

    Some insane value on players that have given me plenty in ipd. <£1! with 6-9 games in the next 30 its likely any risk of price drops will be mitigated by ipd on those. Plus ive had a keen eye on a select few in the 60-£1 range (i'll pay that not buy price) and refreshing my watch list etc... they really seem to have stopped dropping more or less with a couple rising, presumably the match day bump.

    still only got about 5% of the skin in the game i did a few weeks ago, the rest is from profit but we must be getting close to the bottom or FI is finished anyway. I'm still wary players 2+ could fall further. My 1.40-1.90 guys feel a gamble but should be div makers.

    lets see them rockets

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