massive gap in price bids Bruno no 1

  • I've just looked on Bruno ,as he is now number 1 and I currently hold 225 futures and adding ,under this re-form of the platform the lowest bid to buy is 4.99 but no one is willing to sell below 5.22 dose this drive the price up as the futures are not being sold

  • @Myles2521 Yes it should drive the prices up. People will bid higher if they want those shares if people not selling. That in effect should rise the IS price, then people will list there shares higher until a happy medium is reached. Lokks like we are reaching some kind of "realistic" price that people are happy to buy and sell at

  • @Myles2521 Looks like we are nearing the floor traders are willing to sell at, so the market should start slowly rising over the coming weeks.

    I have been buying shares every day since February and have noticed that offers are taking much longer to get accepted over the last 10 days.

    I am happy about this, as the market has been in a bear market now for 8 months and hopefully sentiment will start to change once traders see small daily improvements.

    Time will tell but patience is king in this game. I will worry about my portfolio in 2-3 years' time, as pointless trying to micro manage the market on a daily basis this early in.

  • As a mass Bruno holder of the average price at about 6 pound a future I am happy to see him top of the tree

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