FI selfish

  • I honestly cant believe this .. . . People who have left FI have not stuck by FI made less losses . .amd FI have the audacity to ask us to remain calm and wait for the market to settle .. . At least give some incentive ti those who havent sold and stuck by the platform! F.... b... ....

  • @Falcon Yeah, a loyalty bonus of some kind. But why would they waste money on the loyal customers, they're not their concern. Their money will go to bringing in new customers, if anywhere.

  • @Falcon @UncleBeard They are probably damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    Look i'm as fucked off as most but what loyalty bonus would be acceptable? If, for example, they only gave you £100 in FI tokens everyone would think they were taking the piss. You'd get plenty slating them for only offering that little when they've seen their ports perhaps drop £10k in a week.

  • @Jonesy-FI-WH Yeah, I know. You're right. Just so pissed off with everything FI lately, would be nice to feel like I'm not just an FI lemming and that it's beginning to move in the right direction.

  • @UncleBeard yeah agree that they keep palming off the loyal customers who have regularly deposited during this shitty period.

    Putting things like "the market is finding its equilibrium" is fucking patronizing to say the least.

    Their constant buggering around has contributed massively to this carnage. But they are not willing to take ownership. The line 'You are the Platform' just confirms that.

    Chuck all the blame on the traders.

  • For too long the value of a player was based on following the crowd,.....everyone rose.
    And things were getting silly.

    Now it's based on what they can earn which, as painful as it may be if you have Hudson-Odoi at £4 in your port, is how it should be

    It's the punters that need to shoulder as much of the blame.

    Where do you draw the line on 'loyal customers' ??
    3 months ? 6 months ? 18 months ?
    Someone will still moan

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