Have all changes been implemented?

  • With the exception of changes to media is this the now finished product?

    If so what can be done to get things moving?

    a x 5 IPD? although would probably just lead to another mass sell off when it was finished.

  • @trig NASDAQ to still be fully implemented. Oh and market makers have been promised.

    Both should've been in long before now, but unsurprisingly they haven't been.

    No idea on how to get this moving. I'd probably just do the opposite of whatever FI have in mind cos they can't ever get anything fucking right.

  • @Jonesy-FI-WH not entirely true. They always find new ways of taking money off of us. The 2% bump demonstrates their efficient way of kicking traders in the nuts.

  • is NASDAQ not just implementing the order books and depth?

    Also can you now buy and sale at different price points on the same player?? I have not tried yet.

    Market Makers is a fair shout but I have my doubts this will happen or it has been and they not doing what they are meant to.

  • As long as people keep selling at lower and lower prices they are just going to keep dropping. What people don't realise is that these low selling/buying prices are what's setting these prices as the players new value, maybe just temporarily but who knows.

    I thought the circuit breakers wouldn't let prices drop so far but all I've seen them do so far is temporarily suspend trading on a player. Not allowing people to offer so low would be better than a temporary suspension on bidding/setting such low prices.

    Hopefully its just people trying to get out so they can leave, then we should see some rises at least. It could also just be a new wave of people that are willing to trade for 1p profit on each sale, which seems to be happening with a few players.

    Just my thoughts, doesn't mean I'm right though.

  • @trig yes I believe so re NASDAQ but also think it makes the platform more appealing to more traders. I think the 'powered by NASDAQ' will give them more confidence that they are investing in a solid and reliable company.

    Must admit i've not tried buying and selling the same player as I want to see it settle a little first so not getting involved.

    MMs may not enter the market until it bottoms out. Though i've heard rumours that they are a little way off yet.

  • @HeyyYouuGuyss i've seen them suspend trading on both Bale and Puig yesterday for half an hour, then re-opened. What is the point of that?! Circuit breakers are doing jack shit.

  • @Jonesy-FI-WH yeah then they unsuspend it and let the same prices continue.

  • @HeyyYouuGuyss beggars belief mate.

  • I reckon everyone's getting hung up on Nasdaq and they are already here implementing there systems if they were to announce it now be a bit embarrassing on footie index part!

  • Have to agree their announcement last week focused on circuit breakers but they just seem to be a load of shite.

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