A simple solution for the index prices!

  • Increase the 3 year bet to a 5 year or 10 year bet and problem solved. A players value increaes in people's minds so do prices.

  • @Drogo90 There is no reason for them to limit it to a 3 year bet, the only reason is they didn't want people holding players for their hole career. I get tht a bet needs to have a limit, but someone could make a bet that their 6 month old baby plays for England before they are 21 for example, thus it being a 20 year bet.

  • At the moment, the 3 year bet isn't implemented (Although that's not known to everyone), so I don't think that'll help.

    Too many people are worried about how low the prices will go and they want to get out. People aren't buying because they think it's going to go lower and these two things are spiraling us down.

    When a floor is hit where people see that keeping a player is clearly better value than selling at a crazy low price, I think we'll see a rise. The MM will start buying and, when player prices are increasing for a period of time, they'll start advertising again... bringing in new money.

    We'll just have to see where the prices are when we reach that point.

  • There is no three year bet. Its a myth.

  • @Harmonica is this true no 3 yearbets

  • @Gary-v Not as yet it's not no. They have said they want to implement it and some people do have shares they've had over 3 years and they haven't expired. Be interesting to see whether they do implement it and what happens to peoples shares, they have to give people fair warning on it when and if they do

  • @Gary-v yeah what he or she said. 👍

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