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  • Probably slow to realise this but the prices on the buy now part of a lot of players aren’t too shabby, yeah you could possibly get a player a bit cheaper still, but it isn’t a penny below the current price as it was before.

    Example Andy Robertson is 1.46 and you can buy now for 1.36. Also no 2% charge and you get 2% rebate at the moment rather then 1.

  • @DJ-110

    Yeah for sure. I think people will soon realise the prices are so low on some players and scramble to buy them, which may spread across lots of players.

    The rebate and no commission is actually great as you say! Only thing that is probably holding people back is the thinking that they’ll be able to get their players for even less next week...

  • Dont really know why you would use buy now though. Original post was a few hours ago, but looking at Robertson now.

    Buy now at 1.49.
    Displayed buy price 1.60.
    Top bid at 1.33

    Why wouldnt you put a bid in at 1.34?
    Even taking into account 2% charge (3p ish) and 1% (1.5p ish) rebate difference...still be cheaper than 1.49.

  • @Abaalan this needs to be accepted still though. That's the issue.

  • @Abaalan Because some people keep listing offers 1/2/3p above the bottom now and again and in that scenario it makes sense too with the commission free and 2% rebate. if a buy now is no more than 4% worse than the floor it can make sense.

  • @Abaalan it was a bit narrower at the time, and I get your point, but the wait for it being accepted is a negative and buy now probably helps the index as a whole.

    It’s a lot better then it being a penny below which no one would want to use.

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