Viable options?

  • Just a few ideas to stimulate the market/outlook. Not sure if either are viable but thought I would throw it out there. (Not intended to get negative responses but I’m trying here!)

    1. Issue everyone back their shares at their buy price. Deal is that you aren’t allowed to take the money out of the platform for a year. You reinvest but the first players you buy are not IPD eligible.

    Or 2. Issue everyone double their shares so that at least when the market rises the loyal customers have an incentive to stick around?!


  • @El-PIbe-10

    Not sure about the double shares offer haha, doesn’t really solve the liquidity problem, but I do feel that there are a huge number of people left holding shares in players they would never have dreamed of buying if they’d have known what was going to happen (i.e. order books and the substantial lack of liquidity).

    Some might think this is unfair (I think I do) and some may say it’s our own fault (also true to a degree) but I don’t think they’ll do anything... I guess it’s just part of the process in moving from the old system to the new 🤷🏼‍♂️ Would be lovely if they did do something though!

  • One thing I thought of to get everything moving a bit, was to offer a sell price token for limited period. You can IS your players at the fi price but instead of it being cash it’s only money you can keep in the platform and spend on other players. Would be useful as that ‘money’ could get the market going again and those wanting out can benefit from having someone buy their shares with the tokens

  • @Terrier

    I quite like that idea, would unlock all the stranded money and also make people happy 😃 I have no idea if it’s possible though or if it’s something they would consider.

  • I wish,more chance of Elvis riding Shergar to victory in the 21 Grand National with Lord Lucan commentating.

  • @Shaun442

    Its a possibility
    Elvis was a keen Horse rider especially in the late 60's when he owned the Circle G ranch. he also showed good Horsemanship in the 1956 film Love me tender, then later on in Flaming Star And Charro -it was well documented that he was never more than 3 meters away from a Horse during any point from 1954 right through to his untimely death on Aug16th 1977

    One of the reasons why he never left the states (apart from his stint in the army) was down to the logistical nightmare which would have involved getting a Horse on a transatlantic flight. His own private Jet (the Lisa Marie) was able to accomodate a Horse but alas was only big enough for internal flights..

    Some people say he put too much trust into Colonel Tom Parker and not enough trust in the Horse.


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