bounce back

  • looks like the index is bouncing back so many games coming up as well

  • I might be wrong, but i think its a pump, similar to Thursday night. Monday will tell us which it is.

    I hope so though because i want to take the cap-app profit i anticipated (and got back in for), then i think i might stop FI for good. I like the concept of FI, but i don’t think i trust FI enough to have thousands of pounds sat here. Every time they tweak something, they are screwing with peoples open “bets” and it changes the value of them. Plus, when this is all over and prices return to normal, i will have to work harder for similar returns. I can’t be arsed putting so much time and effort into something so flakey.

  • @Evoke89 as positive as ever. 🚀

  • First positive day in a long time. With football on constantly now I hope it’s the first of many!

  • I am playing for fun after I pulled all my money out i left £28 in and I turned it into £47.3 since last night flipping players , I must admit playing with small amount of money is more fun I bought another player with the 47.3 hoping to sell him and hit £65 i don't think i will sell him today as he is injured until early December

  • After all the negative shit that gets posted on an hourly basis, it’s nice to have a thread focusing on positive updates when we see them.

    This platform is still great and all it takes is one good day IMO for positivity to return, FOMO to kick in and the green shoots to grow. Here’s hoping this is the first day of the bounce back!

  • Nice to see this today!

    Still, I’ve cashed out on a few of my players who played yesterday at about break even / slight loss and suspect they’ll be another dip tomorrow and I’ll rebuy them at a much lower price.. that’s the plan anyway!

  • I am surprised to see it today! Seems like it should have come yesterday, before the deadline. Prime UCL picks were due to play and it was the last day of TOTM. I am glad it has happened but some logical consistency would be nice! I guess dividend payment has played its part? And yesterday was a good day for that, as plenty of us hold Ronaldo and Bruno.

  • @Evoke89 you love it really! Things will be tweaked until we have the final product in a few years, you know this! Take abit out if u Ain't comfortable with thousands in there. That's fair enough.

  • Back with a small profit on the mid price setting after hitting a low of - £450 odd,flipping the price of one player (major big name holding that I controlled the price of) kept my head above water during the restricted offer period,now for the future.

  • FI got bouncebackability...🤙

  • Pump and dump ?

  • This is brilliant. Awful pain to get here but i've traded more in the last 24 hours than in a typical week recently.

    Still pretty volatile but we need that to have a moving market. I'm sure it will settle a little as the benchmarks become more obvious.

    Scary thing is selling at a reasonable price fearing you'll miss the rocket if he goes before you can buy more!

  • People spending their dividends, quantity of upcoming fixtures, general organic momentum from people seeing rising prices, and so on.

    Could be a sign of things to come with the congested fixture list. People willing to re-invest dividends, but generally cautious about depositing and spending "new" money?

    Hard to predict anything at the moment, but I think we'll see a fairly buoyant market for the month or two at least. I don't think we'll see crazy rockets or a major general market increase. But I think we'll see a general positive upward trend and ample liquidity.

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