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    I bought ferran torres at 1.70, now the buy price is 1.64, however it shows it's gone up 47% and I'm 24£ Up. Is that based on the fact that the market sees the player value (benchmark) as 2.51?

    Second question, does that mean I cannot actually realise this profit of 24£? if I go on sell, the only way to realise that profit is to queue a sale at 2.50 which no one's gonna buy because the buy costs 1.64? What is the point of those metrics then?

    If I got this completely wrong I will be very happy to be corrected! thanks

  • It's worth going to your portfolio and setting your pricing preference to Mid Price (Between buy now and instant sell) as I suspect the default is the average of all offers.

    The Buy now price is the average of 900 lowest offers and the sell now is 900 highest bids, but these can fluctuate quite a bit. You can see the "top" 5 of each of those when you view the player.

    The spreads at the moment are bigger than usual due to this transition the system is going through, so it's hard to do trading but you can get your in play dividends for 30 days, plus the long term dividends.

    Prices should hopefully sort itself out over the next few months.

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  • @Mere-Mortal thank you!

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