PSA: Always check the offers before placing that cheeky bid

  • Seems obvious, but Something people don't maybe always think about, is that if you instantly match the lowest offer, you don't have to pay the 2% bid commision.

    People maybe just throw their own bid in without checking. Sometimes you might be better off going with the lowest offer, than putting your own bid in.

    Couple of times when i've gone to do it today, the lowest offer was actually good, and instantly matching also mean you won't miss a potential rising price waiting for your bid to be accepted.

  • @o_O in addition, you may also cause a price rise by taking some of the lower offers

  • It really is common sense to look, prices are volatile i appreciate that but if the lowest buy now is no worse than 4% of the lowest bid it can make sense, if it's within 4% of the floor then it's a no brainer if you are already interested in bidding on them.

  • couldnt agree more with this and the comm is refunded immediately.

    I did this yesterday for a few ipd players I wanted that were playing and I wanted them snapped up pre 4pm.

  • Very good point that it also has the chance to raise the price

  • @Roon Definitely common sense, but I've come to learn that most people just do not know the rules :D

    Like that guy yesterday who said he can't be arsed reading instructions so asked what the div deadline was.

  • @o_O its good to see the new mechanics of the market in full flow today. Everyone is still learning, but once they do they do they'll see the option to buy and not bid is an awfully more viable option than recent weeks. People only focused on the IS price in recent weeks as this was the only one that you could sell at. Now both buy and sell are in equilibrium, its only positive moving forward.

  • @o_O Yeah it truly amazes me some folk even on this forum have 1000s in and don't no cut off times, how the pb matrix works or even to bother reading up on this new mechanism of trading fluently.

    Folk can moan all they like, but the past 48 hours have shown those who are prepared to trade can be rewarded if they are prepared to value players. Some will argue it's all got a bit difficult but since when is it easy to make money in anything.

  • I made a few quid on buying really low on Thursday and selling for a an ok profit since then. With the balance I invested it all in high IPD returners like Lukaku, Lewa, Benzema etc

    This should give me a decent amount to either re invest or start trading in and out of players prices...............while also giving me 30 days to get my head round the system...

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