Is there any point buying a player that's under 80p

  • As the title suggests ... it seems pretty to risky to buy lower valued players, as they could easily drop into the relegation zone pretty quickly. Any thoughts?

  • My strategy is based off of quick flips, buying players and selling them fast for a quick turn of profit. I've made good profits doing this and especially on fairly cheap priced players because the cheaper the player the lower the gap margin between buy and sell.

    There is always an element of risk when buying cheap players because they can be at risk of dropping out but if you monitor your portfolio regular and use FI regular you will kind of have a good indication as to the players that will be going down in the upcoming weeks.

  • I understand where the question comes from. Personally, I do buy players under the 80p mark but, like any trading, the outturn really depends on who that player is for example, harry Maguire is currently south of 80p but I expect him to rise with England caps and PB. Also, wouldn't be hugely surprised to see one of the bigger clubs come calling in the next year or two, certainly rumours anyway.

    That said I bought Kurt Zouma at 58p and he peaked at 70ish during the match against Arsenal last week. As I wasn't monitoring throughout the game I missed my chance and sold at 56p to cut my losses ahead of relegation.

    In summary, that's the risk of trading.

  • At the moment i'm still taking a punt on some of the younger low-price players - Iwobi, Ward-Prowse for example & players like Balotelli & Carroll who are great on their day & often in the news. Just small size trades though.

  • Ward Prowse is a good one to have for a long term investment. Young, English, Plays regular and takes set-pieces for southampton. He could potentially feature in the world cup squad.

  • @pwp23 Andy Carroll is defo one player to invest in now and when he is back im sure he will make an imediate impact.

  • Only trouble with Carroll is he'll come back for two games then miss two months. You'll make money if in those two games he scores a couple, which will spike his price during play

  • @ACBlue Spot on.Get him now.He comes back.Imediate impact.Sell.Profit :)

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