Black Friday bargains when I was suggesting a purchase

  • My main purchase is 90p and 25% up in two days + won IPDs.

    You know it made sense,buy low sell high. The only way is up

    🧑‍🚀. Portfolio is now well set for the future and back in paper profit.

  • yep, great huh, cant believe some thought the platform would collapse or players would go down to pennies lol

  • @NewUser65276 you are a hero

  • @AndydfopT said in Black Friday bargains when I was suggesting a purchase:

    @NewUser65276 you are a hero

    Suggestions for his new username below please... 😜

  • @Bluemist ROB E HERO

  • @Bluemist said in Black Friday bargains when I was suggesting a purchase:

    @AndydfopT said in Black Friday bargains when I was suggesting a purchase:

    @NewUser65276 you are a hero

    Suggestions for his new username below please... 😜


  • 65276 is trademarked.

    But all I have seen is mugs selling up for massive losses and running and even some people talking about taking FI to court when they should have been buying cheap players with massive dividend earning profile.

  • Can anyone explain why suddenly players prices are shooting up?! I’ve only been on here a few months and slowly seen the value decreasing, so happy to see some profit appearing but would love to understand why so I know what to look for!

  • @NewUser680086 Join the club mate.
    Been here since early 2019 and i cannot fathom total doom and gloom and now this🤔🤪
    It's hard to get your head around.

    Not complaining but even some of those players that people were saying were vastly over priced are now soaring 🙄

  • @NewUser680086

    Mass hysteria and panic from people who don't understand markets and value after overbuying and chasing dividends combined with the removal of the share price guarantee safety net👻👻👻

  • Cockender!

  • I think it's a case of the Market Makers supporting the system yesterday and people not wanting to miss out on the quick gains today.

    I think we'll probably have another, less extreme dip and rise over the next week or so and then start to see prices normalising.

    After a period of stability, they'll start marketing again and we should be back on the road to recovery.

  • @Londoner this cracked me up something good!!

  • @NewUser680086

    When FI stepped in to put an end to the Brown Sunday crash, the actions that they took meant that spreads would widen, building a lot of pressure because there were traders wanting to sell, who couldn't "Offer" their players low enough to attract a trader to buy. (You could only offer 1p lower than the market price).

    We were told at the time that the 1p fix would be temporary. This meant that when the stabilisers came off, the added pressure would need releasing and the 'Brown Sunday' crash, would continue. Some of us started preparing for this in October by liquidating as much of our ports as we could, others waited until a few weeks back, when FI popped up to confirm the date that the stabilisers were coming off. As we neared the date of the crash event, more people pulled out making the pre-crash feel like the actual crash event. Nobody wants to buy at market price during a downturn and people that wanted out, were accepting low ball offers, driving prices down even further.

    To make matters worse, a lot of people who pulled out early... bought back in too early, thinking that they were getting in at the bottom but the pre-crash coincided with International Week, which is a time when many traders pull their money out anyway and deposit less, it was a perfect storm. Throw in a bunch of high profile injuries like Van Dijk, Kimmich, Ronaldo, Phillips, Fati, etc, and the pressure was really building.

    The daily dividends that circulate the market are significantly lower when there's no football and with people 'getting in' during false bottoms, then savagely undercutting each other in a market-wide race to the bottom, some traders will have sold their shares and walked away, which takes even more liquidity out of the market.

    At the moment just before the crash event, there's an 'air of excitement' so you see some people buying, hoping that the changes were going to bring rockets. This meant we saw some green shoots for the first hour... once those buys dried up... the actual crash event happened and a large amount of the pressure was released.

    So what changed?

    Football returned, which naturally increases user activity. Those who were patiently waiting for the crash to pass, had funds to mop up some bargains but I suspect those were quite minimal at first.

    The big game changer was Bruno and Ronaldo winning PB with Haaland winning MB on a gold day. This pumped a lot of liquidity back into the market at a time where prices were low because a lot of traders hold those players. It doesn't take much to cause prices to rise now, which will have sparked FOMO in people and potentially had some reaching for their credit cards.

    If you look at Sunday afternoon, you'll see many of the top players were trending down again after the early morning green, this suggests, that the crash would potentially have kept going but unlike 'Brown Sunday' (which followed the exact same pattern), the market closes at night now, which means there's not as much time for the liquidity to fully dry up. Bruno won MB Sunday night, and on Monday everyone on the market who bought players picked up the 'Rebate', not to mention the IPD's and a good win from Robertson/Yazici.

    The 2% tax on bids and the ability to see the bids/offers, meant that traders were (ever so slightly) more likely to 'buy' rather than 'bid', that increases the price, which means we've seen growth in places where previously it would have looked stagnant.

    There's wall-to-wall football for a while now, which means a constant flow of liquidity for several weeks. That's not to say it will be totally smooth sailing. It is worth noting.... the market didn't stop crashing for a lot of players. Over 700 were still crashing yesterday, compared with 300 who rose but money should eventually trickle down.

    I've probably missed a few things but that's the crux of it.

    Hope it helped.

    Knowing when the next period of low fixtures is coming would be useful. Likewise, tracking some of the players who are still crashing, might help you find some bargains.

  • @Dan-The-Man Very well written summary. Good to see on the forum.

  • Harry Kane at £4.05 was my best black Friday bargain,thanks to the seller(s) and best wishes.

  • @NewUser65276 Kane at £4 plus Bruno and Sancho at £5.45 each. Quite happy with all of those but could probably have got them lower.

  • @Slimjim60

    Well done mate it took a bit of doing to buy when everything was crashing,the hardest thing was judging the bottom when people were abandoning ship. But I didn't see Kane go below £4.05.

  • Some of my recent purchases to add to my portfolio:

    Lautaro Martinez
    21/11/20 11:03
    10 / 10 £1.3 MATCHED
    Donny van de Beek
    21/11/20 11:01
    10 / 10 £0.95 MATCHED
    Sergio Aguero
    21/11/20 10:59
    5 / 5 £0.95 MATCHED
    Dejan Kulusevski
    21/11/20 10:56
    4 / 4 £1.3 MATCHED
    Ansu Fati
    21/11/20 10:55
    10 / 10 £3.4 MATCHED
    Harry Kane
    21/11/20 10:53
    10 / 10 £4 MATCHED

    Paul Pogba
    21/11/20 10:15
    10 / 10 £2.1 MATCHED
    Jude Bellingham
    21/11/20 10:15
    20 / 20 £2.2 MATCHED

  • My best deals on the drop on Saturday were Bruno at £4.02, Kane at £3.79, Neymar £4.15, Pogba at around the £1.90 mark and Kimmich at £3.86. Was happy with Gnarby purchases too, for whom my average price is £2.26 whilst Kroos remained low for a while after (could be matched below £1.20 for a period). Unfortunately I didn't have much in the way of funds so had to generate some money through sales (selling KDB for £3.30 is criminal but less so when you can buy Bruno for 75p more). I don't have a big portfolio and only joined in the summer, but my overall profit (buy now calculation) went from a low of just over 16% to 32.5% in three days. The crashes have been horrible and I hope we can all enjoy a little stability now with a few more gradual readjustments to come. My portfolio has always been based around dividends (19% of value to date) and is well set up for the interim and I'm comfortable in its intrinsic value.

    I think the lesson from this is that market instability is a product of the platform for now. The important thing to focus on, always, is the underlying value. I've sold some in the last few hours because I think they've reached a level where I should sell, and I'm going to be withdrawing a little in anticipation of another potential crash, although I can't see one happening for a little while. The difficult part is how unpredictable some of the activity is. An upturn on Monday was understandable - some, including Dan if I remember rightly, called it. But I never expected such a drop on Saturday, given that it was the last day for TOTM eligibility and the first gold day of many. Hopefully we will get a little more predictability going forward.

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