Tuchel new PSG boss.

  • Former Dortmund boss has replaced Emeri ar PSG. Will he look to buy Dortmund players? Will he give everyone a chance at PSG? Will he have a clear out? Being German I can see it all being very calculated. No rash decisions. Not sure where this leaves PSG players but they have too many midfielders. Someone has to leave, don't they?

  • @Stevo

    2 year contract ... That sounds about right. I'm not sure how he will get on with the superstars at PSG and the clubs owners.

    Historically, he pissed off half the team at Dortmund during his short tenure. I can't see him taking anyone from his old club.

    Mind you, he did admit to signing the Swedish kid Alex Isak for 10 million Euros, without having ever seen him play. So I anticipate some more comedy cash being thrown around this summer.

  • @johnboywalker that's interesting. Have to admit I didn't know anything about him and thought he'd had a very successful spell at Dortmund hence the interest from abroad. More than happy for him to make some ridiculous purchases if it shakes up the index.

  • @johnboywalker I think you misunderstood what happened with Isak - Tuchel wasn't responsible for the transfer, so "he" didn't sign him without seeing him. The player was signed without the manager's involvement. But you're right that it was a fall out between Tuchel and the Head of Recruitment Sven Mislintat that led to the latter leaving to join Arsenal.

  • @BL__FI

    Right you are.

    He better get used to that at PSG then, as he will just be another puppet for the owners ...

  • @Stevo

    I read an article from a month or so back, where it claimed that Tuchel has already got his eye on three players for PSG.

    Could be a load of crap, but it was saying he fancied max meyer, Omar Toprak and Philipp Max.

    Now I'd never heard of Max, and did some reading up on him. He had 12 league assists this season for Augsburg, as a left back. Think he's sitting at about 1quid just now.

    It's all speculation, but if he signed for PSG and translates that form to the French league, you might have yourself a very nice little earner.

  • What do we think about Tuchel and Neymar. Neymar loves a man manager/father figure type where possible

  • P-Max a good call to go to PSG they need an upgrade at LB

  • And he's a very attacking LB which suits the way PSG traditionally play. Got some reservations over his defensive abilities tho, could be found out in the Champions League.

  • @John-Renwick

    I know, I remember the days when your full backs actually had to be competent defenders.

    Slightly off Topic, but stick with me ...This kid Sessegnon at Fulham, is (currently) on the index as a defender. I watched him play tonight and he spent the majority of the match in a more attacking position than the centre forward Mitrovic. Bit comical really ... Just like his price!!

  • @johnboywalker lol I've seen your posts a few times but haven't had conversations with you much so I might be being slow and not realising your humour... But is this a serious comment? If so I think every trader on here knows Sessegnon is crazy priced as he plays in more advanced roles more often that not but is classed as a full back by opta. If they ever make him a midfield winger his price will plummet...

  • @John-Renwick

    Yeah, I guess my point is, surely they will change his position on the index, and when they do, a lot of traders will be caught short ...

    I haven't spent much time watching him, but I know that lots of folk on here think he has a big future.

    Oh and for future reference, when I'm being serious, I'll use lots of capital letters. (If I could smiley face/wink on here, I would!)

  • @johnboywalker lol I'll keep that in mind for when I see the capital letters. I think he will be a fantastic player. But it's what opta class him as, I just wonder how they'll go about repositioning him as people have 'placed bets' based on him being classed as a defender. And in any bet the bookmaker can't change the terms after the fact.

  • @johnboywalker I had 102 Sessegnon until a few minutes ago. I bought him for £2.80 and sold him at £3.18. When you pointed out he would drop in price once his position was changed I realised you were right and got rid of him onstead of getting caught out. No LAM is over £3 in the world apart from maybe a few who are already well established. I have him on my watchlist though so I can monitor his future.

  • @NewUser59855 that is IF they reposition him. I've no idea if they have plans to do this. Just cos you'd mentioned he plays out of his FI position regularly.

  • @John-Renwick said in Tuchel new PSG boss.:

    @NewUser59855 that is IF they reposition him. I've no idea if they have plans to do this. Just cos you'd mentioned he plays out of his FI position regularly.


    On a serious note though, I didn't realise it was from the opta classifications, but if that's the case, surely they must look at them on a seasonal basis.

    On an even more serious note, why are you lads still awake?!

  • @johnboywalker ha-ha I'm awake because I have Insomnia. Why are you still awake?

  • @johnboywalker I'd imagine it would be and wouldn't just change on a random day lol. I'm messing around online reading up on stuff for a new job. So jumping on n off of this to see if my MB has been paid from today (it has btw).

  • Why do people think his value will drop if he is placed as an attacker instead of a defender? Would it not go up? The top prices on here are all attackers. He is basically a wing forward like Rashford or even Neymar.

  • @HUFCPaul yes but performance buzz wise he is currently against players that generally don't score very often ie defenders. So to have a defender that scores 18 in a season would be like gold dust. As soon as he switches to an attacker (which may not happen) he's instantly far less likely to win PB because he's against the type type of players you mentioned in your post such as neymar etc. His value is simply based on the chance that as a goalscorimg defender he is likely to win a lot of money. As an attacker he's just like any other attacker.

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