Given the current climate of the index is short term trading still profitable

  • For example buying 100 shares in messi and selling him the next day before or after he plays

  • Market depth certainly makes it possible on a lot of players.

  • It is possible, whilst rises are occurring right now it's a little easier.

    I bid 200 Mbappe yesterday morning at £5.40 and sold 200 at £7.50 this evening.
    Did the same with 100 Trent, sold for £1.50 profit.

    I don't usually do this. Been on here for 3 years and much prefer long holds and trusting my PB players and dividend returns. Thought I'd test this and make a quick return to make up for recent losses.

    I still hold over 1000 shares in each of them, and have no plans to sell, they are long holds.
    But alongside the holds, it was possible to flip on the rises. Easier now as the market is bouncing back. We'll have to see if possible during game in-play goals/rises, think that's trickier.

    Good luck trading!
    Trust your long holds and PB men!

  • I normally trade short term, but I'm finding it a bit difficult last couple of days. Tighter spreads and 4% commission for buying and selling is making it harder to spot opportunities.

    Sold up a couple of players I got cheap last week and sat with a cash balance and nowhere to spend it

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