• Just looking to re-invest some cash and am looking at mid-priced players. PEA looks value vs other placers around the £2.70 mark. cheap price due to him not going the World Cup, good start last season and a new manager may get Arsenal firing again. Plus hes got form for being a media magnet.

  • Agree looks a good option

  • It's working out exactly when to buy that's tricky. I have some futures and planning to get more but waiting in case he drops more first. Haven't experienced a summer before so hard to predict.

  • How has he done media wise ? I had him watchlisted ? Any downside to having a bit of a fiddly and long name for picking up media points

  • Also agree. Wondering if he will drop slightly over the summer though due to not being involved in the WC and no media coverage.

  • He picked up a bit of MB during his transfer saga iirc

  • No MB since transfer completed but his goal scoring form has been very good in an average Arsenal team - I'm a Gooner :-( Could be a good hold for both PB & MB but so much depends on who comes in, it could be a very rocky road ahead if they get the wrong man.

    On PB, it may not be the best time to pick up these players if you like to see your players prices moving, I guess you'll probably need to wait until mid-late July? before people start ''selling up transfer window'' players and picking up PB players, but then if you have the right ones you should start seeing a decent return and you can hold them all season stress-free :-D

  • He's on my to buy list during the WC. If arsenal get an attacking manager can see him running close to the top goal scorers. Especially if they rest him from Europa league

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