All hail the king!

  • Looking at the rises lately and of course previously and King Bruno is sitting 2nd in the index. Let's look at things here. All Utd's play seems to go through him, he get's a goal or 2 and the media go mad for him, 289 points tonight playing 60 minutes. Didn't see the Dortmund game but know Sancho got a goal and assist, but don't see how he is priced above Bruno. Do people really still see him going to United and is that move priced into him? Seems a dangerous move if you ask me.

    1 Bruno share at £9 needs to return 25p per month for a 100% return over 3 years, and then you can still sell him on! That's 1 gold day position and 2 MB, still a bargain!

  • @Lillychar1216 I’m a big Bruno fan. Probably my biggest holding. So I’m naturally biased.
    I would personally say he is less risky than Sancho. As Sancho is mainly priced so high because of a Man Utd move. Take away that move and he’s probably Rashford’s price. He’s certainly not an better than Rashford. But good to see Sancho getting some form back tonight. 💪🏻

  • @Valhalla Like wise for me mate, I just don't see the appeal in Sancho. Now i'm sure he will get a fair bit of MB in January with transfer news once again, but rarely seems to feature for PB. Bruno gets written about whatever happens, as he is the lynchpin of United. With everything now focusing on PB and MB returns even more than before I can only see one way for him to go.

    He is also my biggest hold ( Pogba not that far behind, but for a totally different reason!) and I will continue to re-invest in him as long as his price is where it is. Come on @Sol where are you to back me up! lol

  • Come on @Sol where are you to back me up! lol

    🤣 He was eating a late night crumpet then started sniffing the air, conscious someone was talking about Bruno on the interWebs.

  • @Lillychar1216 I’m here 😉 Bruno is on course for the ballon d’or. Or you can listen to the advice of @hound, called me a lying thief for ‘pumping’ his price (when he was mid £5 way back in January!!). How is that ‘pump’ turning out now for those who listened. Ignore the troll that only ever shows up when Bruno either plays a bad game or misses out on PB. I will be proved right in the end. Bruno Fernandes will be £15. Thank God many of you are not fools and believe in the player also. Enjoy the (once again) MB 5p dividends this evening everyone. Keep your faith in this player, he will reward you handsomely 👍🏼

  • @Valhalla maybe...that actually freaked me out when you said that! 😜

  • @Sol said in All hail the king!:

    @Valhalla maybe...that actually freaked me out when you said that! 😜

    Spooky right? 😁 I’m at the window

  • @Sol Faith fully in him mate, will continue to roll in the divs. Just wished I had had more money to put into him over last weekend!

  • @Sol Lets not forget @NewUser7 wonder what his views are!!!! lol

  • @Valhalla reminds me of when someone was saying ‘where’s sol????’ And JBW said ‘he’s probably supping a nice bourbon’ ...and guess what I was doing at that exact time?!? Seriously, have you all ‘bugged’ my house?! 😅😂🤣😂

  • @Lillychar1216 said in All hail the king!:

    @Sol Lets not forget @NewUser7 wonder what his views are!!!! lol

    Yes, and do take note that they are all silent.. typical trolls 😂

  • Have some ‘things to do’ good night and enjoy those dividends 🥳

  • @Sol Jesus! Don't you mean the balloon door. He is basically a big fish in a small pond. I hold him too, but I mean he would have to move to a decent club first

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