Working out the Issuance Curve

  • When the new changes were announced a (minor, compared to the size of the other ones) complaint was that FI didn't publish the Issuance Curve, just told us there'd be one. As far as I can tell, as of 25/11/20 they still haven't told us this

    For those that don't know, this effectively determines the number of new shares FI mint at each price point when a player hits a new all time high

    We see this in the depth simply as a set number of sell offers at each penny. The lowest one (price wise) may have already had chunks taken out of it by people buying. The ones above it may have slightly more due to people selling their own shares on top of the number that FI are minting.

    Yazici was the first people noticed hit an all time high. In the £1s his was 715 a penny, now in the £2s it looks like 678. Joao Felix appears to be hitting his too, with 607 per penny in the £4s.

    Can we find any other players that are hitting their's, to reverse engineer the Issuance Curve if FI wont publish it?


    Just those 3 points give us something like the above

    I'm an idiot who can't post images

  • @B-EVO it states in the game rules that it is made available to the if they're not adhering to this, then that could be a potential arguing point for anyone who wants to exit but is looking at a loss

    Also, think under a quid the number is 870

  • @B-EVO

    It says they can change it at will anyway, so you could spend a lot of time working out what it is for each player and they could tweak the number.

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