What makes you buy?

  • Ignoring the obvious - price. What factors are important to you when you choose a player to trdae?

    If you had 40 points to put into your approximate weighting for each factor, what would they be?

    I'll give you my own example. At the moment, I'm considering 175 as a "high score", but everyone has their own.

    • 10 - Average PB
      5 - What proportion of games are they achieving high scores
      5 - Media potential - are they always in the headlines, e.g. Fernandes, Kane
      5 - What heights can their scores reach, e.g. do they barely reach 200, or do they sometimes smash the 300 barrier.
      4 - Team mate rivals - is there someone that does even better than them regularly? e.g. Neymar over Mbappe last season.
      4 - Playing for a top club. Man Utd is an immediate boost, but a CL club that wins a lot (like Bayern) gets extra games at bonus rates.
      3 - Age. Someone too old has a risk of retirement, higher risk of injury and less chance of capital appreciation. Someone too young may not play much (but may be a cheap investment now). Mid-age can be a safe 3 year bet
      2 - IPD / Dividends. Will I get a few extra dividends from this player and, the way I see it... if they meet most of the above criteria, they will earn dividends. e.g. I bought Kimmich ages ago and he only recently started cleaning up.
      2 - Historical performance. Are they just having a good run, or do they have a history for consistency?

    I also consider that they are playing in a top European league and my priorities change for a player that's 19 or under and I think has a future.

    You can see that IPD don't feature high on my list, but it would be interesting to see what others see as important. I'm sure there are other factors that I've forgotten here!

  • Be careful with Average PB. I wouldn't say it's the most important thing... Peak PB and the number of those peaks is more important.

    Someone who consistently score 160 -190 will have a high PB, but they may never ever win anything. Marco Verratti has always been a good example of this.

    I'd rather hold someone that gets 300 once a month, and 20 in the other games than someone who scores 150 every week.

  • Rather than looking at just average PB I look for a player with high average PB and a high standard deviation in that PB. I'd much rather have a player who score 250 one week and 150 the next than one who scores 210 and 190.

    The Football Index Data Centre rather handily gives you the standard deviation on their scores, so I'd recommend checking it out.

  • Bruno grelish nuer I just go for dead certs I'm still scratching my head why sancho is so popular 😕

  • @Myles2521 said in What makes you buy?:

    Bruno grelish nuer I just go for dead certs I'm still scratching my head why sancho is so popular 😕

    maybe it's because people can spell his name ?

  • @Mere-Mortal

    I like the idea of a criteria based system but my holds vary from player to player.

    For example, I bought Cuadrado (Juventus) partly because:

    • His PB scores are solid,
    • He's playing a team that wins a lot
    • His team could go far in the Champions League
    • He's one of the highest yielding dividend players on the market

    But I also bought him in part because there's a solid chance he'll be converted to a Defender on here, adding clean sheet bonuses to his already ridiculous PB scores. The change from Mid to Def, would increase his yield even further and put him on a lot of peoples radars... increasing his chances of CA. Now, the point I'm trying to get across is not, "I look for players who might change position", it's more that I look for players who have a tangible reason to grow.

    Where as with Robin Koch (Leeds)., I've bought him because:

    • He's a young, largely unknown talent who's already playing for Germany.
    • He makes a ton of passes into the box
    • Even when losing, his PB scores are often higher than expected
    • I expect Leeds to dominate a bunch of matches this season with plenty of high possession tactics
    • He's a giant, who is in the box for every corner
    • He often dribbles 20-30 yards before playing the ball in behind
    • How much better will he get with 3 years of Bielsa's coaching?

    But on a personal note, I also bought him because as a Leeds fan, I watch him every week and I can see the talent. I've seen how many times he's been in positions that could have led to a goal or assist. His time will come.

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