Football Index - Why are you not marketing?

  • Dear football index... this is an open message and some well needed advice from a performance marketing specialist who has operated in the iGaming sector for well over 10 years.

    At this time of crisis you need to double down on new customer acquisitions to drive the demand for player trades... you're not doing it!

    You're brand is not existent in sports betting searches both paid and organic. A few Google searches and a check through the ads and we can clearly see you guys aren't bothered bidding in the one search space that will probably attract the most new customers.

    Your affiliate programme is non-existent, which in this sector is notably one of the most successful marketing channels accessible to the sports betting customer, your affiliate team contacted me months ago to partner and you admitted to me... (a potential new customer) that the programme didn't work properly and wasn't running with any kind of tracking, you wanted me to send you free traffic and you had no way of tracking its success, what incentive does that give me to drive new depositors to your site - NONE is the answer. Affiliates are worth millions to the iGaming sector and you're clumsily dipping your toe in without a responsible set up.

    Why are your social media team not involved in twitter conversations plugging cool player stats, player prices, dividend pay-outs, success stories. There's about a million tweets a day about football, about players, about bets, about results... each one of those is a conversation you guys could be involved in, spreading the story of football index - instead of going on TrustPilot putting up fake 5star reviews to try and subdue the alarming influx of angry 1 star ratings.

    Its all talk at the minute, this is going to be our biggest acquisition drive ever, you need to start with the basics before you start willy wanging about what you MIGHT be doing! Some of this stuff can be set up within minutes!

    Sort it out!

  • I think they knew it was going to crash, so why ramp up new users to join during an awful moment?

    But yes agree about affiliation. I affiliate with lots of their competitors and i see other FI users doing likewise.The referral £10 isn't much versus other start up offers available elsewhere, plus rarely does the £10 link work- you have to go through CS to get it sorted most of the time!

    If the positive sentiment continues, maybe they'll be in a position to start advertising again, wanting new users to join during a boom.

  • I'm sure you know as well as I do running a website, there are things we can do with a little bit effort that cost nothing. What baffles me is the hiding... the board members who suddenly stopped posting on their social channels, random tweets about announcements of announcements - no guts at all!

    You can't go big on TV, or football sponsorship or plastering London cabs with your banners if you're not present in the conversational channels. TV only works if you have an established brand that you've built up over social media, in Google, CRM etc. It baffles me, these are some easy wins in my opinion, but the old guys in head office seem to want to spend the liquidity on old school advertising - I know businesses that have sponsored sports teams for example and unless you're on Sky Sports week in week out, its worthless!

  • If I was ceo of FI id ring fence my profit then let it go bust

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Shaun442 Its a sportsbook, it will always make money. You just have to market it with a profitable ROAS structure and not throw your customers money away advertising on the side of Taxi's and football stadiums.

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