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  • i have a player. im down on him due to the generalised falls. i refresh at a further loss. he then rises due to a good performance but still way down on what i paid first time round. In my thinking its still a good trade if i sell him on this 'new high'( being less than my original buy price )as i can buy other players who are also way down on past prices. discuss

  • If you think the money tied up in him can grow quicker elsewhere I'd go for it whilst market has some new found liquidity

    I'm selling loads at a loss and buying others with what I raise

  • Just sell them and buy messi

  • @jonathan-rolfe

    There are pro's and cons and it depends on the situation.

    For example, what's to say you won't switch in to a player who then nosedives? Sometimes, by tracking the same players, you can get a better read on how and why their price has tanked.

    Take Van Dijk for example. He's crashed big time but because his crash is based purely on his injury and lack of game time, there's a solid chance his price will bounce back. Of course, it's a gamble to keep hold, because he might not bounce back, hell, he might retire... but if nothing else, there's going to be more demand for him when he is playing than when he is not and there'll be a lot of hype around the time of his return. So you can have a degree of certainty if it's players you are tracking...

    That said, I have Joao Moutinho... his IS price is 16p... and even that's only because of 2 lousy bids. I have over 1000 so say there were 1000 bids at 16p, that means I'm going to bring back £156.80.

    1 PB win with Moutinho, could generate £280 of dividends for me. So then the question is, what level of risk am I prepared to take because say I trade out of him, into another player, I might not be able to find another player who can turn that £156 into £280... For example, I could chuck that into Bruno... he'll possibly grow the money at say 20% for the next year, but given that it's only £160... is it worth taking the punt that Moutinho hits the Gold Star win? Maybe I get lucky and he hits a streak. So then it's super high risk punt vs potentially semi-reliable reward.

    There's probably a third alternative like look for another player who can return the higher levels. Or try a half/half approach.

    Ask yourself, would you place the bet today. If you had £160 right now, would you put it on Moutinho? If not.... why keep holding?

  • @Dan-The-Man thanks for the detailed reply. im gonna take it on case by case basis. if in doubt im not selling.

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