IPO Preview - 15th May - Russian Invasion

  • Morning all,

    Didn't bother staying up late to write today's because there doesn't seem to be much value at all until the 3pm session. Although people do buy anything at 20p from what we've seen already.

    This review was as hard as it gets because Russia haven't had any competitive games other than the Confederations Cup and even then they seemed to rotate a fair amount. The mainstay of the team other than Smolov appears to be Glushakov but he's not being IPO'd today.

    Their star youngster Golovin is already on the system; as is Dzagoev and Kokorin who get most of their goals but their squad doesn't really have any prolific goalscorers on a per game basis.

    So onto the IPO's - Smolov appears to be their Captain and "the Russian David Beckham" (sorry can't see it myself unless he takes world class free-kicks) and this is reflected in his IPO price of 50p. He had links to the Prem with West Ham in January for £13m from memory so he could well have some XFer Spec post WC. My guess would be settling at 80p here.

    You can't get a better benchmark than someone's twin brother and Alexsey Miranchuk is at 70p (I actually still hold him myself from his IPO). However Anton is slightly less prolific than his brother and doesn't seem to feature as much and for that reason I'd shave 10p off him and predict a jump from 40 to 60p!

    Roman Neustadter played 90 mins in their last game but didn't feature at all for a few games previous (injury maybe). His goalscoring record for his clubs has been pretty good in the past for his position and on that basis he might be worth a punt at 40p - a Mild prediction at 50p here.

    Samedov is the only other player with any decent amount of games and goals against his name however he is 33 so don't expect any big Xfer following the WC (it might be worth checking Spartak's involvement in Europe next year to see if he's a 3 match wonder only) either way he's only 20p so on that basis he's certainly worth a punt at very little risk - 30-40p would be my range for him but he might rise a bit more.

    Happy for anyone with more in depth knowledge on the Russian team to correct me or add more insight.

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