Volatility and Trading within Players the way forward??

  • So with CA much harder to come by, over the last week I have been monitoring a few players prices and depth. So today I put a new plan in motion to see if this is way forward for me;

    Sold Lewa at £2.70 and put a purchase order in for £2.57 and have both transactions have been completed, so after comm on both sides I'm probably a £5 in profit, which while not a lot I have also about 5 other players in the same process.

    This would give me around £30 for the day if all matched plus any divs I collect. While also renewed there IPD term.

    I do realise it will not always be this easy but I think between match days there is enough movement on decent players to get both sides matched and if they arent they can sit in the queue until they are.

    Is this the way forward?


    edit: numbers wise it was 200 shares in Lewa.

  • @trig The players you choose to do this with need to be liquid or money can get trapped if there's few other bids in.
    Lewandowski has plenty of money going in and out so is normally a decent choice, however if you bid and pay 2% commission at say 2.50 and sell at say 2.63 (with 2% sale commission) that will only earn you 3p per share as the other 10p goes into FIs pockets.

  • I totally get that and that's why it is only certain players I know that are liquid from watching in detail the last week and on and off for a few weeks.

    I'm not concerned about the other 10p as if I'm selling higher and buying lower while holding the same amount of shares, plus a few quid in my balance which gives me a few more shares or money to invest in someone new so be it.

    I appreciate the reply as this is the sort of feedback I'm looking.....


  • @trig I think a couple of months ago I had quite a profitable period trading like that, before the recent changes and following crash. The 2% bid commission cuts into our profits so makes it harder.

  • yeah 100% means the margins are so much smaller but every little helps.

    TBH I'm just reinvesting everything in mid range PB and guys that have the potential for big rises if we ever really get going again. Well that and decent IPD grabbers like Lukaku and Di'Maria etc

  • Personally I think the new system allows more for this. A few months back a guy on here mentioned that whenever he bought a player he’d put them straight back in the offer queue at 12-14% higher than purchase price. Been trying this recently and it seems to be working and refreshes IPD’s.

    Dubois today... owned 300 of him at 44p per share. Sold mid-game today at 55p. Rebought later in the day at 43p and put him back up for sale at 56p with another 30day IPD window to go too.

    All profits made are going straight into the big div hitters.

    Certainly made things more exciting again too

  • Yeah this is what I'm getting at and surely what order books are for, they just need to put the last piece in the jigsaw were you can bid and offer on the same player at the same time.

  • Done this with my t hazards. 250 owned , scored a goal, sold at 82p , bought in later at 75 p with no commission as it was a market buy. Got ipd and refreshed plus rebate to come tomorrow

  • it has to be the way forward

  • It’s certainly a valid strategy.. As someone else pointed out a 13p rise in a £2.50 player only nets you 3p profit plus IPD potential, but profit is profit and if you can. Keep rinsing and repeating then it’s all gravy. Be sure to hold throughout IPD term for full benefits.

    I’ve done this a few times and also sold up and then seen big price jumps after a sale. So it doesn’t work every time. But even when it fails, there is always another player to buy at a decent price

  • Yeah I have been doing this. I mentioned it a couple of weeks back with players like Reguilon, Arnold and Goretska in my port. Certainly some players are more difficult to do this with, (tried with Coman with limited success) but if they are a hold you believe in long term and you would like to get regular IPD’s then this method is sound.

    Also used on holds to get the average price down but still keeping the same amount of shares. Troy Parrott been selling in the 82p to 92p range but buying the same amount of shares back in the 55p to 65p range.

  • @Frank-Mole-Pepys for the most part yes, hold for the full 30 day IPD but at the same time if you can turn a 10-20% profit within a couple of days and keep the wheels turning then there’s merit in that too.

    Whilst things haven’t exactly been easy recently I’m beginning to think there are now more ways to make money than ever before moving forward.

    I even considered, off the back of another thread, Phil Jones and Jesse Lingard both as a profit opportunity.

    What a time to be alive!!!

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