Adrian Hunou

  • Guirassy looks to be out for 4-6 weeks for Rennes.

    Hoping Mr Hunou gets a good run in the team and makes an impact. Still pretty decent bid price I’ve mopped up as much as I could afford.

    Reckon he could move a bit if he sticks a couple in over the next few games 🤞

  • @Palmwa43 said in Adrian Hunou:


    why do you think Hunou is the direct replacement, do they not play in different positions.

    I held Hunou till last week then bit the bullet.

  • They've brought back in Niang to the squad after his summer antics. I tried picking him up a couple weeks back, unsuccessfully, at mid 20s, not sure I'm willing to pay high 30s right now...

    But he was their top scorer and one of the highest capped players for them last season.

  • @trig yes it’s fair to say they are not like for like mate, I’m just looking at attacking options with Guirassy out and Niang been out of the picture for a while maybe he’ll get more game time.

    As an aside anyone who’s happy to have some cash tied up for 6-8 weeks can pick up guirassy for about 0.50p 😳

  • @karlos yes you’re right mate, I’m just hoping Hunou gets some more game time as another attacking option. Niang being frozen out makes me hope they turn to Hunou a bit more. He’s done well as a sub recently

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