Donny van De beek

  • He seem to have found his level at about the 1.50 Mark I personally brought sixty at about 2.10 Mark and thought I got a good price ,my question is so you double down or leave it to run its course I feel it could be a double edge sword as he is never going to be picked over bruno thoughts please

  • I'm a huge Man Utd fan so have obviously been watching the Van de Beek situation with great interest. I believe there was great hype around him when he initially moved, as you would expect with any player who recently joined United, hence the huge rise in his price. A drop off was to be expected. He's obviously a great young talent and there has been uproar in Holland that he hasn't come straight into the United side.

    It seems as though in the last month or so he has found his feet and Ole has found the right balance to get him and Bruno in the same midfield. This can be seen as a positive for you as I think he'll now be getting more game time. However, there are two things you need to consider:

    1. Pogba is currently injured. With him coming back into the mix do you think Van de Beek will be starting as many games as he has been recently? Personally, I don't think he will be as I think him and Pogba will be rotated.
    2. Ole has been using a new formation with 3 across central midfield, 1 in the hole (Bruno) and 2 up top (Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, Cavani rotated). What you need to consider is if Van de Beek is going to post as big PB scores if he's playing across that midfield 3, instead of his favoured attacking role. Because let's be honest he's not going to shove Bruno out of that position. It's highly possible but just a thought as his previous PB scores are based on a more attacking role.

    Those are the two major things I would consider. You do have to remember that he has just come into the country and the more he plays the more consistent he will become. Also, he is extremely young and with Pogba likely to leave in the next couple of seasons he can make himself one of the first names on the team sheet. Lastly, he has the Euros coming up next year, in a very good Dutch side, where he starts every game and plays in more of an attacking role.

    Hope this helps and its not all just waffle.

  • Yeah I do think he is good value but I am a massive utd fan as well and I tend to let my hart rule my head with utd players I rate but I'm going to double down he is a top player

  • My average cost was not as high as I thought 1.66 a future

  • @Myles2521 The issue is his PB game for me. Why is he worth £1.50 or £2.10? At ajax, he never surpassed 185 despite the multiplier and most of the time he didn't get past 100. At United, he hasn't even managed 120 in a single game. If you want a media hold, why buy him? You could get better non-transfer related media from someone like Maguire, who has better chance of winning performance dividends imo. Or Telles, who has the potential for some big PB scores and probably a similar media threat. Or just go down to Jordan Henderson and get 4 shares for the same price. I don't see the value and doubling down would be a mistake - I'd be amazed if this was his bottom. For example, you can currently pick a woefully out of form Martial for £1.26. I don't think Martial is a fantastic pick but he is only a year older, is now a much bigger part of the France set-up, and will return some IPDs when his form returns. His PB game is also poor, but he has at least exceeded 200 this season and managed one PB winning haul with his hat-trick.

    I'd sell even.

  • @Timmy I agree. I wouldn't pay £1.50 for him when you can get a proven PB winner for that.

  • @Myles2521

    It's completely up to you mate. Just think how much do you reckon you're going to make off him. There are other alternatives out there that will probably win you more divs as the other guys have said. And if it's the fact that you want someone from United because of sentiment, which is something I completely understand, then there are other options out there such as Telles or Martial. The latter I personally hold as he's bound to get firing in the coming months. He'll be playing wider, where I think he plays best, with Cavani most likely starting down the middle. And as @Timmy said he's the cheapest he's ever been and now back in the mix for France which brings in the Euros.

    If you're not too fussed about it being a United player then I'd check out the Data Centre - It has such good insight into which players have won the most divs around Van de Beek's price.

  • @Myles2521 ..Be careful listening to any advice including mine, as nobody here knows how well VDB will play in six months time, never mind in 1,2, or 3 years' time.

    It is very clear that players form is cyclical and many trade short term without heeding the long term game

    I am still buying him at his current level, as long term his price is a no brainer IMHO. I believe his price will organically grow with the growth of FI and I estimate that in 3 years time he will be over the £5.00 mark.

    Your decision now should be based on how long you are willing to hold him

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