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  • Who do you fancy is a good price to win in the top 3 or 4 leagues? I like Juventus at 3/1 surely.

  • @Tiger2244

    Think Bayern & PSG too short so it becomes a treble Serie A, La Liga, PL

    1. Juve
    2. Athetico
    3. City

  • @G27 yeah I done treble last year, fuckin rangers fucked it up 😐 I’m thinking Chelsea for the premier league at 6/1?

  • really... Bayern.. PSG... Liverpool... 'should' win their domestic leagues but Italy & Spain are interesting... I tipped Inter last season so was disappointed that they were pipped by Juve, this time I reckon they have the depth and quality in squad, one of the best on the continent for me... In Spain Atletico should be favs but it's a strange year.... why not Real Sociedad with Silva, Oyazarbal, Isak in attack????

    Would love to have an outside bet on Spurs and Sociedad and maybe throw in AC Milan (surely 100/1+ for the trevle) whilst Germany and France should as usual go to 'form'?

  • @dannypea said in Outright betting:

    Inter ......, one of the best on the continent for me...


  • is one of the best teams on the continent not allowed to lose two matches???

    Who's better? 7th placed La Liga Barcelona or 11th placed Premier League superheroes Man City???????

    Maybe you're one of those fans who want your own manager 'OUT' when he loses two games??????

  • @dannypea lol, you ok? :D Just pointing out, maybe 'one of the best on the continent' is a bit of an exaggeration. Serie A isn't a great standard these days.

    Regarding Barcelona and City... Yes, 100% City are a better team than Inter, and Barcelona are 7th because they have 2 games in hand, after which they're more than likely 3rd. And I'm not sure Inter would beat them over 2 legs.

    You seem to pick and choose data strangely :D

  • @o_O so the continent is Europe yes???

    That's your geography lesson today...

    Top five leagues in Europe.. let's say Eng, Spa, Ger, Fra, Ita?

    Yep?? Follow???

    Top two teams in each of those leagues say last season....?

    Finals of major European competitions last season.....?

    Tables of major European leagues this season....?

    Where does the word 'top teams' cut off for you???? No 1??? No 2??? No4???

    I'm not standing with my pants above my head shouting out that Inter are the best team in the world!!!!! I'm merely pointing out they have one of the best squads in Europe... Whether that be top ten or twenty, you cannot deny that!!!!

    Unless like i presume, you've never watched Italian football!!!! because you love the Premier League so much????

  • @dannypea Wtf is wrong with you? haha

  • @o_O nothing wrong with me... I just don't like C**TS

  • @dannypea Wow. Name calling because I questioned your post.

    You're a top guy aren't you :) Can almost hear you thumping the ! key. So angry

  • @o_O

    A selection of your posts…

    @Ericali So you're massively up since order books came in then? Due to all your gret buying?
    Give it a rest.

    @NewUser65276 what's it like being so gullible that you believe a set of people that are proven to be blatantly lying on a daily basis? Boggles my mind...

    @Toptom You have zero credibility. I've seen right through you,
    So off you fuck :)

    I'm not angry sweetheart.... i think you are!!! kiss kiss

  • @dannypea I think you'll find only singular use of punctuation in all of those. No rage typing here ;)

  • @dannypea to be fair the comments you quoted are pretty spot on haha. I think what we have here is tone being missing from the forum, I don't think @o_O was having a dig at you but you've obviously interpreted that way. Inter are a top side especially if you consider the top 10/20 - but I think @o_O was more thinking the elite clubs, like the top five say.

    Nothing to see here, difference of opinions (or difference in definition of how big the table is for 'best teams on the continent' haha)

  • @howsthebacon

    I'm actually still waiting for his full 'list' of Europe's top clubs!!!!

    Quick to criticise... Slow to respond!

  • @dannypea in my opinion Inter are somewhere between the 1st and 2nd tier (we all have different ways of judging things, it's like when people call a player world class, hard to know how they're judging it). So 1st tier for me is basically the champions of each of the top leagues (Munich, Juve, Liverpool. City, Barca, Real, PSG - I'd also throw Atleti and Dortmund in there). Inter probably fall in the upper regions of the second tier alongside Spurs, Leipzig, Milan, Napoli, Lyon etc.

    Def a club moving back in the right direction, along with Milan. Really hope to see them both back at their previous level some day. Lautaro and Lukaku on their day are a great strike force.

  • @howsthebacon I think safe to say if talk of a European Super League and sixteen teams were in it, Inter would feature and that's one way of looking at it...

    Obviously everyone has their own opinion on what 'world class' is and what 'elite' is etc but to even have a conversation about Inter not being one of the best teams in Europe is a little pathetic...

    I don't need to fight their corners of their players, manager and performances in recent years.. Let's just call this down to 'ignorance'... We English do suffer this when opening our eyes to what's outside the Premier League!!!! I blame the media!!!!

  • @dannypea No, let's not "call this down to ignorance" Let's call this you spouting nonsense :)

    Performances in recent years you say? They finished 3rd in their groups in the last 2 champions leagues, and currently 4th in the group this year.

    They are not one of the best teams in Europe by any metric you can make up...


  • @o_O wow stat pack!!!!

    now we are talking... been digging for facts i like this!!! not just a c**t but one who wants to be proven right!!!!

    touched a nerve???

    tbf UEFA coefficients only has them 25 on the list of 'top' teams in Europe so depending where you want your cut off we could go with that???

    A little 'perspective' on your 'UCL' stats though... Spurs remember in 19 reached the final, Barcelona and Dortmund I would say are certainly 'still' above them in my rankings (so looks like they've had pretty tough draws in recent years to me)... Shakhtar are top sixteen for me too, you've probably never heard of them though and Real Madrid might have won the comp a few times? I'm a huge fan of Monchengladbach, you probably can't even pronounce the name?

    Just one on Slavia Prague who i saw play Chelsea a couple of years back!!! They were brilliant in that competition and quite a few of their side (one i mentioned in another thread) featured in a win against England for the Czech national team, I could even argue that team were the best Czech side i've seen since the likes of Nedved and Koller at Sparta... But then your 'negligence' again perhaps doesn't filter that anyone outside your domain can be good at football?

  • So someone who disagrees with you, with facts to back it up is a cunt? Why would you call someone that, just for having a different opinion?

    You need to have a read back through these posts and have a look at yourself pal. You're making yourself look insane.

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