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  • Has anyone invested anything in this website? Seems very similar to FI?! Also looks very simple and the dividend matrix seems really good? Are they going to profit from FI's mistakes?!

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  • Interested, but not at those prices and they've already had to do a sort of share split as @Coriolanus pointed out flaws for them straight away! They need to raise the divs or lower the points needed to compete.

  • @Westy Ah ok il have a look at that, cheers

  • You raise a good point on others profiting from FI's mistakes. I'm seeing lots of new platforms emerging or being developed. So lots are trying.

    I've hoped before that FI would just try to blow away competition, but they don't seem bothered. Without FI collapsing, I think these new platforms will struggle to take over anytime soon, but another year or few years of poor management at FI and it could happen.

    Mainly money will move to the best payouts and I think along with a bit more security in company age, FI are still ahead.

    The competition will have to be very brave to try and offer better payouts and more stability, hard to do so without big funding.

    I keep an eye on them and have dialogue with the platforms through my website. Trader wise I'd always suggest spreading risk and opportunity grabbing across multiple platforms. But you can also spread yourself financially and mentally too thin. I'm trying to limit myself to 3 platforms. Payouts and which use my time and knowledge best, will be my decider of which 3

  • I put £200 in when the android app finally came online.

    It's quite nicely laid out, but the whole thing is completely boring, with hardly any movement in the market.

    I put a bid on Werner that was only 2p less than the highest offer and it just sat there for 2 days, and the player price never moved. Feels like a ghost town.

    I just withdrew the money again and put it back in FI.

    Also most of the prices seem too high for the amount of divs on offer.

  • Yeah it does seem liquidity is thin, but at a very early stage as they haven't got all the players to the market yet, but guess it will appeal to new comers as FI will seem too complicated to the average punter?! Il put a bit in and see how it goes!

  • @Westy Yeah completely agree, just seems FI make some strange decisions and although market leader don't think they should take people for granted! Got in FI early so playing with profit....hoping SS takes of so i can do the same 😂

  • @Vegeta1978

    I've stuck £50 on Timo and barely looked at it since.

    It rose to £51.50 in the first weekend but then they IPO'd a bunch of players. I've not looked but I'd bet that it's now worth £49 or something.

  • @Dan-The-Man He was the only player that didn't look vastly overpriced wasn't he...

    Haven't done the maths of the divs, but the model doesn't look sustainable to me...

    One good thing is they give your money back quick! Was back in my bank next morning :D

  • Bit of a slow burner at the moment then, states its a three year bet so would need to raise divs along the way.

  • @Vegeta1978 The don't say it's a three year bet, they say it lasts the entire player's career...

    Something just doesn't quite add up about it to me. I'm not sure it'll still be going in 3 years

  • My mistake i thought i read it was 3 years like FI, to fall in with spread betting and tax free winnings

  • Guess a lot of people would have been sceptical with FI in the give it a go and hopefully getting in early will pay off 😬

  • @Vegeta1978 said in Sportstack careers...:

    Has anyone invested anything in this website? Seems very similar to FI?! Also looks very simple and the dividend matrix seems really good? Are they going to profit from FI's mistakes?!

    They tried to steal a few customers from FI and their was some initial excitement but that was short lived as other have said. Players madly overpriced even still now although a couple look value i feel and my money has gone to them. They should of quietly gone about their business and had all players ready or at least a large selection, had Andriod ready also then launched. People are aware of it though and its in the back of people's minds and no doubt some will buy the likes of Bruno etc... but hasn't got off to the best start. The only other way to look at it is FI was once paying out probably terrible amounts so there is that, although there wasn't really anything to compete with whereas there is now.

  • @Shippers Yeah in the beginning FI didn't even have PB i think?! I like the fact it's new and has room to grow and can learn from FIs mistakes. I'll definitely be putting some in and over a players career i can see some value in some players!

  • There seems to be a couple of problems with it. It's much easier to work out yields which is fine but suspect that it's going to be more set and forget with not much actual trading.

    The second problem is that the min prices they set in auctions are too high so as set and leave, they aren't very good bets.

    I stuck 100 quid in with intention of spreading it across 10 players but very few that tempted by. Put in a few bids but they haven't been matched.

  • I put 50 on KDB, see what happens.

  • These things needs players. FI has the first mover advantage, but it does need a good run of success.

    There's lots of money in the bank to start advertising again after a period of stability and we'll be ok from there.

    Just keep your eyes on the dividend prize!

  • Normally companies pay for advertising space

    This has no place on FI official forum

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