Can't make this up

  • Market had a mini wobble today, FIs response it to bring in IPOs tomorrow. Look at the prices on Soucek and Perreira

  • Last thing we need is ipo's.
    They have a time and place but this market needs stability and ipo's don't help.

  • It's really like a hidden camera show at this point.

    Every announcement makes things worse.

  • @Zizou

    Is it me or do both players seem about 50p-60p over priced?

  • Could do with a mini crash top up on some big names

  • @Dan-The-Man Thats ipos for ya😉
    Never get involved as invariably your paying a 30-50% premium.
    I know ipos have been few are far between of late but this market needs help to recover confidence going forward and this ain't the way.
    Roll on 2021 for a better year for everyone whether your on the index or not🙄

  • @Myles2521 weve had too many mini crashes including one this morning!
    Sick of mini crashes🙄

  • @Dan-The-Man at least

  • @Dan-The-Man soucek’s price would have been ok if he had been IPO’d in February like he should have been. With the prices that players are at now then he is double what he is worth.

    Guess they don’t want people to profit from getting in quick, or put anyone on the platform that could cause a crash until the Auction style is available. Eg Gio Reyna.

  • Not overly impressed with the announcement. Dutch auctions are fine, but you'd have thought that they'd stop experimenting with incomplete facilities.

    Why not just do the auction, but state that the results will take longer than normal, whilst they investigate demand, etc... The old way was awful, I can't see why they'd ever try it again!

    And announcing the IPO's on the news site cannot be a permanent solution. The IPO's need to be visible when you login on the website or the app.

  • Thankfully the players are boring and overpriced.

    If they were really sought after players it would cause chaos.

  • @Dan-The-Man 6 months ago they'd have been alright for the state of the market then. Not worth more than 60-70p now. Hopefully nobody buys at that price.

    Having the safety blanket of players not being able to drop below IPO price was great, Tanganda springs to mind, made a massive loss on him

  • Bizarre timing with this announcement which definitely has the ability to cause further downward pressure in an already faltering market.

    I'm just glad the players listed for tomorrow are 1) Overpriced, and 2) Not players that many people would be looking to buy right now anyway, otherwise id be fearful of another crash as people scramble to get a cash balance together for them.

    Just a side note though, if a very small amount of traders do buy into them tomorrow, there will surely be not many shares in circulation for them both. Im thinking this could potentially lead to largely volatile futures in these players, which could provide great trading opportunities.

  • SMH At football index right now

  • @Zizou

    Yeah about agree with this I might buy at 50p I can’t imagine they will sell many at the prices

  • Yep, disgusted by the timing of this, they must be happy with the liquidity of the market to believe it's now time to release new players. My thoughts are they they profited massively during the crashes and are now cashing in on IPO.

    On Pereira, as a cough cough West Brom cough fan of football, he is too good for us, and will be moving on pretty soon, especially when we fail to stay up. He has been linked with Europa League playing teams, so I see why he might be around the 60p. He also takes corners and freekicks and most play goes through him.

    Any way, like @o_O said, it's honestly like a prank show at the moment, I'm waiting for Adam Cole to jump out from behind a bush and tell me I've been living in an alternate reality, and my profile is actually sitting in green on the old system.

  • Whilst agree with everything here - its a proper brain fart from FI ...

    I think ... you are often read on the forum people complaining they can't buy Reyna or various other players. Its possible Football Index think that is what we want (IPOs) especially if people are giving them feedback along those lines. It might be they thought they needed to do them and have been waiting for market stabilise and they thought it had done.

    I guess also the longer you wait, the more mass the mass IPOs become and the more disruption they cause when they eventually do come in. You have to do it sooner or later.

    So agree 100% they've got it wrong again. But can see why and I suspect they are getting mixed messages. Be interesting to see if anybody at all buys them - flipppers might try but rationally at current prices, it doesn't make sense for a single future to be bought for either of them.

  • They should at least have factored in removing the likes Evra, do a 1 in 1 out


    Nailed it. Alot of people on here think if they shout loudest their view matters more. Like you say - IPO's might not be exactly what is needed right now but FI are ticking a box for all those who have been asking about them for the past few months.

  • Can we all go make complaint to fi and ask for stability or some form of promotion to help us out 😂

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