• Why is there such a huge spread on Joaquin?

    0.06 - 0.69 and a bid floor of 0.01.

    Is it a case that they are no bids getting matched, so the spread doesn't change?

  • @Honeylight The fact he is about 75 years of age and likely in his last year before he retires!!

    His floor price is 1p due to the risk factor and tbh I’m surprised there’s even bids in for him.

    The reason his buy price is so high is due to his recent-ish IPO as he’s quite new to the platform so started with an inflated price. Assuming current holders don’t see any point in offering him for 20-30p as they know no one will match it so they are waiting for anything worth snapping up.

    He’s not actually that bad of an IPD hold as he chips in with goals and assists but your probably paying 6-8p and would need at least 5 goals/assist to make any profit as he has zero resale value which makes it pointless.

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