IPO Preview - 4th December

  • The Scout is off Furlough! For the first time since July we have new players going on the platform, I will not go into detail about the old system been used as part of the implementation of the new system, but confident bid IPOs will work well so lets hope we get there soon. In the meantime, here are the previews for the 2 players released today. Enjoy!


  • @FI_IPOSCOUT what method do you use to calculate the PB score if you don't mind sharing? Presumably something quite manual?

  • I think they are both overpriced at the minimum values listed.

    Not much excitement will be generated with these two so best just wait for them to drop and then buy-in at a later date if you choose.

    Out of all the players FI could have picked, this is the two they go with. Mind-boggling

  • @FootballArgos
    Hi mate, all the data I use comes from the PB Scout section on Index Gain.

  • @Karl

    Yes I agree I had no interest at either price, pereira could be intriguing if cheaper. FI clearly don’t want to push out the premium IPOs (Reyna etc.) yet for whatever reason, most probably lack of confidence in the tech, though an auction style system would solve that. E.g 10000 shares available, Max bid 300 each

  • @FI_IPOSCOUT when you say lack of confidence in tech do you mean that the player will go to cheaply and FI not makingas much on the player ,surely a mass clear out is needed but maybe if they did it would affect the orignal bet and they would have to repay at the orignal purches price and cheaper for them just to leave it biT snakey

  • @Myles2521

    I mean that if they release a player who will generate a lot of interest - say Gio Reyna at Dortmund, the FI servers will struggle to handle the traffic or everyone logging on to try and buy one player at exactly the same time. It has happened before.

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