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  • Does anyone know how the Portfolio Summary figures are calculated?

    My 7 day figure is -62.84%, but my profit is the highest that it has ever been.

    It appears that this figure is purely a measure of Portfolio Value and has nothing to do with performance.

    If you had a portfolio worth £1,000 and it grew to £1,200 and then you withdrew £500, I think FI would treat this as a drop in value from £1,000 to £700 rather than a 20% profit. It doesn't seem to be a measure of performance which makes it useless/misleading in my opinion.

    The only reasons that I can see for the -62.84% drop in my case are:-

    • withdrawing some money within the last 7 days.
    • FI previously valuing portfolio at Buy Price when I have chosen to Mid Price (affects longer term metrics but not 7 day).

    Either way, the -62.84% figure isn't a true reflection. Is it best to just ignore these figures?

  • No .
    Yes .

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    Yes just ignore it and if tracking portfolio value just look at the portfolio value figure.

  • @Honeylight I think the number you're looking for is All Time Position rather than Port Value

  • @FootballArgos said in Portfolio Value:

    I think the number you're looking for is All Time Position rather than Port Value

    Possibly, but without knowing how it is calculated, i still don't know what ATP means.

    My current is +24.51% and all time is +13.92%. The current is meaningless as it is just Benchmark / Average Cost. It is theoretical profit on current portfolio if I could sell at benchmark price. We make an instant theoretical (potential) profit every time we buy below benchmark price, but actual profit occurs when you sell not when you buy. This is why people have over valued portfolios in the past.

    Not sure what the All Time Position means. It might mean something to traders who make a deposit and never add to it or withdraw from the platform, but if you make regular withdrawals is this taken into account?

    Feels like this is a measure of Portfolio Size rather than Profit.

  • I ignore FI % numbers and just compare net deposits to cash balance plus what I could sell a player for right now to determine my true position. Obviously excluding those with no sell price.. There should be an option to do this automatically because even midpoint is optimistic. Long term bet blah blah blah, but reality is that whatever you make in dividends lately is just a tiny offset against the reduction in sale value of your holding.

    You can make a 20% dividend return on a player but if your true position on him is that you can't get out for a loss of greater than 20% then "fun" aside, what is the point?

  • @Honeylight I believe the All Time Profit is based against total deposits, so once you start making withdrawals, the percentage becomes very misleading, although the actual figure in £'s is normally correct (well it is for me anyway). I think that having money in open bids distorts it as well, as the money is not in either your cash balance or portfolio value.

    There did used to be a simple summary of the calculation on the front page of the app, but since the upgrade, my phone doesn't support the new version sadly.

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