Buying Goal Keepers

  • Do we think that buying Goal keepers is a good idea? The share prices are very low and you can earn IPD's and hopefully recycle. Who agrees?

  • Depends what you are buying them for

    A colleague at work once hired Peter Shilton for an after dinner speech and he was a bit moody and left before signing any autographs.

    Conversely i know someone who Hired Andy Goram who was working as a part time DJ at the time and he was doing a 2 for the price of 1 deal at the time.

  • @NewUser487559

    I feel that there are certain goalkeeper's that are certainly worth buying into, and the possibility of recycling definitely adds to the value. Spreads are reasonably close in some, but do need to keep an eye on fixtures, especially on those leagues that have a winter break.

    Also with a consistant dividend review the IPD'S and PB div's may even go up next review thus making them even more valuable, but whether there will be an increase next season is anyones guess with the current situation

  • @NewUser487559 yes mate, plenty of keepers will return 5-10% with a single clean sheet, the value is phenomenal.

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