Huge potential with dividend payouts

  • Been a rough few months for everyone I imagine and it dosnt look like their is much light at the end of the tunnel, but Im hoping this post might help give some people some hope.

    I Joined FI around about June/July 2019, loved it and stuck with it. Like many others I imagine I built my port around young, Non PB, CA talent and it used to work like a charm, I had no proven div earners.
    If I made less than 50% depending on how long I had to wait it was a bad trade to me, flipped many a player for 100%+.
    I say this just to give people an idea of what was going on.

    Well the big changes hit me like a ton of bricks and just left me crippled for the most part. Seeing things in such a bad state can make us all feel like everything is hopeless and we have no way out of this.

    No matter how bleak things got I still kept hope, even as much as to be a mad enough bastard to keep chucking money into the index.
    So I topped alot of young talent up at first which was a bad move tbh, eventually I decided to start picking up some div earners, Messi being my main work horse tbh. The results have shocked me in a way.

    Once you understand that prob about 80%+ of my port give or take is money trapped in younger CA holds that wont earn me many if any dividends right now, it really helps to paint a picture of how juicy the payouts are right now.

    *The pic is what my dividend where in July 31 2020 the results of a years worth of a youth CA port, the dividends now is from a small amount of div earners I've managed to add to my port(does not include my TOTM earnings either).
    It shows that this thing does have such huge potential to be the next big thing if they can just manage it much more efficiently.

    Can't wait for the up and coming year when most of my guys will atleast be in PB leagues so I have a chance of some divs as the money could start stacking up quite quickly.
    Its all about divs right now, but eventually once they are all saturated, people will speculate on the next big star and thats when CA will be reborn like the pheonix IMO.

    my divs.jpg

  • True. The dividend potential is huge now.

    I bought back into Kane and Messi in the Summer/Autumn on dips. Since then Kane has delivered circa £1.25 per future in just over 5 months and Messi circa £1.15 per future in 4 months. Ok, some of that included enhanced IPDs in September, but nevertheless, both should deliver 50% of their buy price in dividends per annum. The potential returns are insane at the moment.

  • What % of your dividends are based on PB / MB / TOTM wins as opposed to IPD?

    I've had my best weekend dividend wise banking over £100 but IPD has contributed to that. The issue i'm having (or will be having in a week or two) is that the markets slowing up again and my ports dropped a few hundred in the last few days. I'm struggling to get offers matched on good dividend players with my only option being to sell at a price which will effectively swallow up any dividends I earned on them and ultimately, record a loss.

    Of course, if your total doesn't factor in a significant amount of IPDs, then that's reassuring and I just need to be patient with my players!

  • Way be a stupid question does dividends get taken away from your all time position amount as I’ve been winning dividends but that figure keeps dropping

  • @Stelarsi

    My dividend breakdown for the last five months (1st July to 30th November) is:

    24% MB
    28% PB
    45% IPD
    3% TOTM
    Average monthly amount = £313 (about 3.3% of my total portfolio purchase price)

    Excluding the crazy / enhanced IPD month that was September, it comes out as:

    32% MB
    41% PB
    24% IPD
    3% TOTM
    Average monthly amount = £238 (about 2.5% of my total portfolio purchase price)

    But December I'm probably on course for a circa £350 month, so far.

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