Xmas Present

  • Just wondering if FI usually do a promotion for Xmas? Have only been on the index since July so I have no idea really.

    Been a bit quiet from them recently so could be preparing something...

  • @xXMr_FishXx Last year there was a kind of raffle thing with really bizarre prizes. Like the infamous dressing gown.

    Remember January being a better month than december.

    I think they hate us now. So if we get anything it'll probably be a turd through the letterbox.

  • @o_O

    Perfect, thanks for letting me know.

    Haha yeah I'm not sure they're appreciating the community at the moment. Only have themselves to blame really.

  • I joined June 21st so approaching 6 months on here. In hindsight, I had no idea of what I was getting myself into, or the nightmare journey I was embarking on.

    Started with an initial investment of 1k and have slowly drip fed my account to the tune of 11k despite the turmoil and uncertainty we’ve endured thanks to FI and their bull shit !!

    Have to say that I’ve now finally given up pumping money in. It never makes any difference to my portfolio value as there is zero cap appreciation and I can’t see that happening until maybe the Euros at the earliest.

    I’m going nowhere as I believe this will eventually be as big as I initially hoped it would be and fortunately don’t need to access the money I’ve put in any time soon.

    It has become nothing short of a part time job trying to make football index work for me .... have no idea if I’ve made a profit or not even including the £1,300.00 divs I’ve made ( all reinvested into my portfolio ).

    My time is consumed with creating spread sheets and desperately tracking IPD legibility ... index track is shite ... I’ve cancelled that now, and I really thought this was one of the things FI were going to add to their platform.

    I guess just another thing they have failed us on.

    I’m at the stage we’re I probably just need to delete the app and look again come the Euros to see where it’s at

    FI are clearly making a fortune and I’m sure they will eventually accidentally stumble on a winning formula.

    I love football index and hate it at the same time !

  • @xXMr_FishXx the rebate promo (which seemed to work well) only ended about two weeks ago! Maybe they'll do a Christmas cash drop or something but I think best to not have grand expectations

  • They usually do like a spend £10 on shares for ticket into next days raffle with TVs electronics a dressing gown stuff like that

  • @FootballArgos Although, in truth, this was there to temporarily offset buy commission. They introduced a new tax and gave us, essentially, the first month free.

    Re. an Xmas present. I don't see it and anything they did would likely just cause market issues longer term. If they enhanced IPDs for a week, all non Prem players would drop like stones (and they will drop anyway). If they introduced any temporary bonuses, players values would increase and then decrease afterwards. I agree that a cash drop is the most likely scenario.

    I think the realistic next big bonus will be the Euros. And hopefully we will get some increase to dividends or perhaps an expanded TOTM next year. Not sure how much profit they will really be making though, after the previous increases and the cost of a marketing drive etc, so perhaps we shouldn't hold our breath.

  • @xXMr_FishXx they also had a funny January promotion, which involved transfers.

    I'm sure it was something along the line of some form of money back if a player you had transferred to another club and was valued over £1?

    I remember making good money on a last minute Villa signing who breached the £1 mark on the 11th hour!

  • If December is well known to see drops - which we appear to be seeing (although the injuries to Oyarzabal and Ziyech are also to blame for my larger holds), wouldn't now be a good time to buy?

    I came onto the platform in September. Rough. So can only take other members comments on it, but promotion at Christmas or in January or not, surely we should only see rises to prices come 2021?

  • @karlos The games changed mate sorry to say🙄

    This isn't the same index i joined.

    Sentiment matters so much but it's negative all the way at the moment.

    We need a spark whether that is from elites winning divs or FI themselves pulling a rabbit out of the hat🤔😉

  • @karlos

    Re-joined a similar time to you and been stung hard on a couple of players which will likely never recover. How bad is Oyarzabal's injury? Saw that he missed the game on the weekend but no idea of the severity..

    Tbh, i'm skeptical of now being the time to buy. In the two months i've been here, there's been a couple of positive shoots of recovery but the decline sets in soon afterwards - there's an overriding negative sentiment around FI at the moment and I think that's reflected in the market movement.

    A couple of weeks ago, traders were pinning hopes of a sustained recovery for FI this month with there being 8 games in 30 days, IPD heaven, etc etc. Two weeks later and the decline has begun once again over the past few days.

    I intend to be in it for the long haul but I don't know what the answer is to turn it around to be honest - time and good decisions from FI I guess.

  • @Stelarsi I read it was a hamstring grade 1 or similar - so anywhere from a few weeks to two months I believe. Once I saw this I shifted quite a few shares above the £2 mark, and I'll keep an eye on his fall as would like to pick plenty back up cheaper. They had 8 games in 30 days as well so not happy!

    There's a lot more traders sitting where they are (unlike last drop when I lot were saying buy now as it's cheap. Maybe it's not cheap enough just yet), so perhaps I'll just wait patiently (exception of maybe Oyarzabal) and hope January spikes happen.

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