Yippee!! 100% profit reached

  • I just wanted to make a quick post as I managed something I'd not done before, after just over 1 year on the platform. I managed to cover the cost of a player through goal dividends and a PB win.

    I bought 502 shares of Aleksandar Dragovic, CB for Bayer Leverkusen about 2-3 weeks ago, for an average cost of 0.16p. At some point between then and now, he has scored a goal, and this weekend must have won PB for his position.

    I've spent 80.32 plus commission on him, and have had 20.08 for a single goal, and 70.28 for winning PB. It's not a massive amount of money, but the invested figure is not the important point here. The thing you should be taking away from this is where you place your money.

    There are so many players in this range on FI at the moment, I have almost covered the cost of Trippier, who won this weekend, costing me 0.19 per share. I thought I would share some other players with you in this range who I have purchased within the last 2 weeks;

    Gaspar, Villarreal, 0.17p
    Ferrari, Sassuolo, 0.17p
    Vestergaard, Southampton, 0.18p
    Vallejo, Granada, 0.18p
    Pique, Barcelona, 0.18p (injured at the moment, but Barca progress in CL)
    Kjaer, AC Milan, 0.18p
    Lainer, Borussia Monchengladbach, 0.19p
    Hermosa, Athletico de Madrid, 0.20p
    Sarr, Bayern Munchen, 0.26p

    So many out-of-favour players in the Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham squads, being linked to teams in PB leagues playing euro football, and not to mention their national teams too.

    I've lost almost 25% value of my port during this "transition" period, but there's still money to be made, and it is ever so slowly patching up the massive hole in the bucket that is my portfolio!!

    PS: Did achieve 100% cost cover during the 5x bonus phase, but I am not counting that because it was a promo, and not standard trading metric.

  • Well done.

    Like I’ve been saying, there is huge money to be made via dividends at the moment.

    I’ve been focusing on premium players and goalkeepers who should deliver their buy price in dividends inside three years, but it’s great to see there are other types of players who can do the same - some in very short timeframes!

  • @UncleBeard well done mate . many you are on im a fan of myself. bought dragovic the other day verstergard im made almost 100% on but my favourite for dividend potential is ferrari

  • im gonna take a look at the others too. i normally like these cheapies to have a pb average of 100 or near it anyway. i like the look of kjaer and hermoso

  • @UncleBeard take a look at john brooks and tell me what you think

  • @jonathan-rolfe He looks decent, his historic stats are a bit messy:


    Had a decent 2018/19 but doesn't look like nicking more than a goal a season, his rating isn't too bad, but he will be overshadowed by the fact Wolfsburg have a young up-and-coming CB in Lacroix, and although he is not on the Index, he takes a lot of the limelight.

    Not for me, but I could see why others would take a punt.

  • @UncleBeard Just looking back at this post. Anyone who would have taken a punt on this guy would have since also covered the cost, another goal soon after, and he will also pick up something from team of the month, 1st place at the moment, potentially 2nd dependent on Robertson's final performance.

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