IPO Preview - 16th May - Iceland

  • The forum's been down for me when I've tried to get this one written up but I don't think you're missing much tbh.

    Unlike Russia who (apart from being the home nation) "should" turn over Saudi Arabia on the opening day giving guaranteed dividends and decent ROI on the cheap I can't see any mileage in backing Iceland during this world cup. They're in a VERY tough group with Argentina, Croatia and Nigeria where I expect them to be outplayed in every game. Yes they've proven in the past they can shock teams but if they do it'll probably be from direct play and generally poor PB's.

    Saying that their squad does have some decent players other than Gylfi and some up and coming stars. Bjarnason at Villa could well be EPL bound if they secure promotion and Gudmonsson at PSV (Dutch Champions and CL qualified) could well be the man to fill Lozano's boots. His goalscoring record looks good, so if you're after potential those are probably your best bets.

    However for WC purposes I'd steer clear of Iceland myself.

  • You not feeling Gunnarsson then? Just been promoted with Cardiff so going into a PB League and has them absolute mammoth long throws. Not sure whether he takes there other set-pieces though.

    Suppose Iceland and Cardiff may struggle in their respective competitions however

  • @AdamG To be totally truthful due to all of the playoff talk I forgot Cardiff sneaked in and took the auto-promotion to the Prem! :-/ #poorshowing

    Just checked him out rather than dismiss him, his stats are okay but not mind blowing and as you rightly say Cardiff and Iceland aren't likely to perform that well. 42p is low risk and cheap enough for those who do rate him!

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