A problem called Foden...

  • Advice needed...So I’m a small time trader who joined just before Brown Sunday for my sins. I purchased a few shares in Foden for what at the time seemed a good price (£5.30). Ive had a couple of MB and IPD wins but he has been languishing around the low £3 for a while now. Percentage wise he is takes up a chunk of my port (10%) and has become a bit of a problem. I just wondered what people’s thoughts are with Foden?

    Do people think he can get back to the £5/£5.50 mark anytime soon? Is it worth topping up at a lower price brining down my overall cost average? Perhaps recycling for IDPs or cutting losses and investing in someone else.

    I was expecting Foden to be a bit more of a regular this season, but with so many fixtures everyone at Man City is very much and and out in Pep Roulette.

    Any thoughts welcome...

  • I just bought some @3.35👍

  • I would sell him at the next possible opportunity. He isnt going to earn you much in the way of dividends and I think he will, long term, reach a lower price point. There is much better value elsewhere.

  • @Timmy one of the better most technical players this country has produced in a long time. He is certainly good value long term

  • I will be astonished if in 3 years he isn’t twice the price he is now if not more. 20 year old talents like him aren’t what you need to be worrying about price wise.

  • @Gboar that doesnt matter. He is clearly an excellent prospect but he simply wont play enough and earn enough in the way of dividends. Explain to me how a player who earned 10p (all media) in the last year is worth over £3? Why not buy players who actually earn dividends? I am not necessarily advocating the purchase, but Rashford earned 90p in the last year, starts regularly for United, and is only 2 and a half years older. He will clearly earn more than Foden this season. I've already earned more per share from Kakuta this season than I expect Foden to earn, and my average cost price is 30p.

    I expect Foden will go up when there is a bounce and then back down again. He will certainly be buyable in the 2s this season. His price graph is heading in one direction for a reason

  • @Timmy cant argue with them points. Even when he banged two belters in for england it was all about super jack

  • When Foden plays, KdB tends to drop into a number 8 role and play the ball into Foden/Mahrez/Torres/Sterling etc and therefore he sees more of the ball but Foden's end product gives him huge potential.

    The argument against is he has only ever had 5 scores of 175+ but I think he is a great shout moving forward. He's the next premium hold I want.

  • @Matt Foden may struggle to win PB while KDB is in the team, especially now the latter is on penalties. However, he is highly rated IRL and team rotation is unpredictable so there will be spikes and opportunities to sell. I would suggest looking at topping up and lowering your average buy price then selling a few on spikes, rinse and repeat.

    That said, I also understand the argument regarding opportunity cost and moving your money elsewhere (e.g. goalkeepers, goal scoring defenders) for more proven instant returns, which may ultimately negate any current losses on Foden

  • Pogba has earned more divs than him the entire time he’s been on the index in the last 3 days 😂😂😂😂

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