Thanks ADAM

  • Personally I would like to thank Adam for everything he has done in growing this brilliant concept and hand on heart I wish him all the best. Adam is at heart a visionary business man and maybe not excited to run the day to day dealings of one.

    Now it is up to us and the management team to move this product forward.

    Mike has asked "We want to hear your concerns and ideas and use this feedback to make Football Index a better, more engaging platform”

    Can we get the Forum, Discord, Twitter and any other avenues to join forces to produce a document that can be issued to Mike and his team for consideration.

    All suggestions welcomed how this can be scheduled.

  • No, he can get his monkeys to scroll through and read and consolidate to present to him.

    We have full time jobs watching the negative percentage increase on our profiles.

    The concerns are the same they've been for over a year now, it's not traders who need to pull their fingers out, it's FI.

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