Donyell Malen Appreciation club

  • I know there's a few fans here. No real point to this topic, but at least it's about football :) Just scored again.

    He's such a top top prospect isn't he. Scores practically every game. 12 goals in 18 games this season . Picked up some more this afternoon, 139 @ 87p

    Arsenal sold him to PSV for 540k in 2017 the nobbers.

    Heard Dortmund have made him top target to replace Sancho if he goes.

  • I’ve not seen much of him but heard Barca have interest, is he a wing forward or centre?

  • @NewUser515012 said in Donyell Malen Appreciation club:

    is he a wing forward or centre?

    Yes :Either, but more of a number 9

  • So after scoring 204 in the first half, looks like he got subbed off literally as I was writing this :D

    Sucks to be me :D

  • Being linked heavily with Dortmund in recent days, puts them alongside Barcelona, Juve, AC Milan and perhaps Arsenal according to various rumour mills in the last couple of months.

    Considering you can probably get bids accepted around the 90p mark easily enough, the only way should be up for him, regardless of where he goes

  • Cab buy him at £1.05p id buy these type of players once the covid is gone and football goes back to normal,probably August or a bit later.Im not buying anything until I think FI wont be bust overnight before xmas.

  • I think Ihattaren from Ajax also looks great. In fact, sometimes a genuine world class talent potential - with FI potential in his style of play.

    I invested into him, not realising his father had died and he struggled with getting back into shape and his form. Tonight, though, he did great for an 18 year old.

    I think he's destined for the premier league/Spain, but will we still be going by then?

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