Cool heads, are you buying?

  • Last dip I read a lot of people being opportunistic and buying at these prices. This time round, no one.

    Is it just the odd, maybe newer traders, now buying, or are there experienced heads out there buying right now.

    Once the dip (somewhat) reverses last time, I was obviously annoyed that I didn’t benefit from it. But there doesn’t seem to be as much proactive talk in seizing it this time.

    Side question - I know a lot have dropped. But Teji Savanier (my autocorrect put this to Satanist) has near halved in price and perhaps can be picked up for near the pound mark. Is he still a FI force? I only picked him up the other week and he swiftly missed a penalty.

  • @karlos iv been here 18 months , I'm not an expert and l might be a little stupid but i deposited 500 two days ago . Bought 50 more Kimmich at 5.30, Isak for 65p and started to collect Depay at 1.52 I think it was. I'm loading my port with euro players. The value is there. Players are easy to trade in and out so the 3 year rule is irrelevant. If FI stays in business you will make money.

  • @karlos well every time someone sells, someone buys.

  • Have to agree with the 3 year thing .... I’ve been here 6 months and I’m unclear as to wether this is a rule or not .... personally I think it’s irrelevant at present as the current prices ( and therefore commission ) on certain players .

    Not much of my existing portfolio will have many shares from when I joined due to IPD refreshing and clearing out players dropping out of form etc ....

    Slightly different scenario with higher value players bought for PB ..... in my opinion they are slightly higher risk for me presently with the obvious list of problems resulting in no Cap App.

  • Personally .... for now, I’m just reinvesting my dividends.

    If I had the bollocks I would be tempted to stick in a load more money as I honestly think we will all look back on these prices in a years time with open mouthes.

    It’s just that at 11k .... I’ve reached a point where any more would feel uncomfortable and would put me in a position where I may at some point need to withdraw sum money ...... I want my money to stay in until the World Cup at least

  • @Three-lions iv put in 6500 , I said 6000 was my limit but I think I will make it 7. The value is stupid now . Look at Kroos, two gold wins in 3 weeks. Always consistent when fit and playing . 1.60 ME . Bargain

  • @AndydfopT

    What's prompted your new found belief in FI mate? I recall you were struggling to deal with it all a few weeks back.

    Who are these players that are easy to trade in and out of ? If they exist, I certainly don't seem to have any! Is it a certain price band you're referring to?

    Good to see that you're in a more positive mindset anyway.

  • @AndydfopT
    doing similar - euro players for sure - picked up Depay & Sabitzer

  • @Stelarsi I was struggling mate, it was more a case of Mrs n Family not knowing how much I put in. I told people close to me which lifted a weight of my mind. What I mean by trade in and out is , it's easy to refresh. It doesn't matter if I paid 4 pound and I sell at a 3 pound loss. Just need to keep the players IPD legit. Do that over a career and the value is there to see. The product isn't going anywhere, if it does I'm going down with it.

  • @Stelarsi I'm not saying I traded every player easily and right at this minute it's hard. But it will pick up again. T Hazard for example. I bought in at £1.70 ages ago. I keep selling and buying back obviously I'm massivly down on him but if he keeps assisting and scoring the odd goal, sell on a spike by back in low, I will recuperate. The index has fucked us all over. We need to use the order books to get back to square 1

  • @AndydfopT I'm doing exactly that too. I mainly hold lower end or gks so the commission is minimal when it comes to refreshing and if patient I can still refresh with profit sometimes (even with the 4%) the way I see It is, if I buy a 40p player I just need to keep refreshing as much as I can at break even. No matter what price I refresh at I just need 20 clean sheets or goal involvements to make their price back then obviously there could be cap app on my initial buy price down the line and pb wins along the way. Good luck !

  • @JT4PAFC basically if FI stays in business we will be ok

  • @karlos i am buying. It's mainly low (ish) bids that have been accepted recently so I'm happy with that. But I have market bought some keepers and cheap defenders also. Don't be put off or persuaded by what anyone says On Twitter or here! There's a lot of scaremongering or pumps out there. That said there is a lot of good advice but make your own decisions at the end of the day. If you take teji for example, look at the price youre paying and think how long you want to hold for. If you think he could earn maybe 4p in ipds and then 8p in pb this season and you pay
    1.20 for him he's earning you 10 percent and you think you could maybe sell him at 1.50 at start of next season then would you be happy for those returns and appreciation in the timescale? Those are just random figures but think about the figure yourself and you should do alright!

  • Personally put in another 1k, already spent almost half and keeping the rest until I've seen further developments.

    There is so much value out there. For example, in just a year Messi has returned £3 worth of divs which is nearly a 60% yield at his current buy price (£5.15). If he has the same returns in 1 year time it would take him to drop to £2.06 for you to make a loss....I most certainly can't see that happening.

  • Choosing to buy or not at the moment comes down to whether you think FI has a future or not. I think it does and the prices on offer right now are fantastic if you have that faith. My only issue has been deciding which bargain to go for. If FI is still here in 3 years I’ll have made a ton, if not I’ll probably scale the Shard dressed as Adam Cole with a big FI cape with a downward facing rocket on it and dive off.

  • @Specksynder Finally someone looking at this logically. See you at London Bridge 2023.

  • @karlos I've been on FI over 3 years now and I'm still buying, just reinvesting divs and selling players on a spike and buying others who are cheaper that I think will also spike.

    Keep asking myself an I mad but I just can't believe this platform has gone from being somehting so amazing to something so shit so hoping and praying im right and it will turn itself around 😄

  • I've decided to bite the bullet and reinvest my divs so gone for Felix and TAA thinking longer term with the Euro's in mind also.

    I've also had a dabble on Nadiem Amiri at 67p - racking up some consistently solid PB scores for Leverkusen and if he can chip in with a few more goals, he's a good chance at grabbing top midfielder at some point this season. He probably has an outside chance of the Euro's with Germany as well if he can maintain his impressive start to the season.

  • @AndydfopT its a pretty big if imo

  • @xXMr_FishXx problem is messi is just one player out of thousands and he's not got age or time on his side

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