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  • Hi guys

    I was on the index about a year ago and I did ok but lost my job and needed to get the money out.

    I have now decided to start again I have 45 pound to start with.

    I have spent 31.62 so far and am a little stuck as to what to spend the rest on.

    I have gone for a few youth players, some cheapish world cup players and 1 Ronaldo.

    Am I better off going for young players who might get transferred or concentrate on media buzz.

    I should have another 50 to put in on Monday

  • @NewUser38688
    Hi mate, You are in a similar situation to me. I was unemployed shortly after going onto this, and left it, and then came back 6 months later.
    What seems to happen with this game is that the more people who join it, the more players prices go up. It's possible if it rises as it is that in 3 years, a player you own now, may be worth 10x as much by then I reckon.
    What I have done is bought a mixture of MB players and young talent. For example I hold Neymar, Pogba and Salah who win me MB now. I also hold Rashford, Dembele and M'Bappe for the MB they may generate in the future, even though they don't win me any now.
    Besides MB, I go for young talent. For example Calvert Lewin, Tielemans, Iheanacho, De Beek, A. Silva, Grujic, Aouar, Gnabry, Guedes, Lookman and Kean.
    Some people Invest £100 into this game, whereas for others they invest £100,000. What you choose to do is all down to you.
    Hope this helps you.

  • I would go for flips rather than the big mb players as you'll make a much faster roi and rate of return that way. Check out FIG's bank builder series to see how he grew his portfolio that way

  • @Mr-Matt That may be true, and also 'MB players' don't always win MB. I've held Sterling, Kane and Alli and won nothing for ages or nothing at all.

  • @NewUser59855 If you want to win media buzz you are best just buying entirely into neymar, salah, pogba, Messi and Ronaldo. They win probably 80% of all media buzz currently but they don't come cheap. I would also be wary with Ronaldo and Messi in particular. They are on the way down now rather than up and one bad injury could see them fall and wipe out any dividends you've won. That's not to say they aren't worth it in the more short term.

    Right now I'd be looking at possible unearthed transfer targets for the Premier league and non world cup players that may do well next season in performance buzz.

  • @Stevo

    Ronnie and messi, a pair of washed up hasbeens ...

    Soon to ply their trade in Major League Soccer along with Rooney at the Florida Fudgepackers.

    I get what your saying though Stevo. Once you hit the top, the only way is down, given their age.

  • @johnboywalker they are at the very pinnacle of their careers aren't they. I mean Ronaldo was about 5 or 6 quid not long ago and I think a lot of people felt he could rise no higher. He could win you a few quid in media and performance buzz but if you are buying Ronaldo now I don't think you'll see much in terms of increased value. If I was choosing between Ronaldo and Messi or salah and neymar then it's salah and neymar every time for me but I accept they are more expensive.

  • Personally if I had 50 quid to spend now I'd buy 100 x a cheap player with potential

  • @Stevo

    Yeah I agree with all that mate. Just adding some light hearted banter to proceedings.

    I see Ronaldo and Messi as decent investments for the Dividends alone. I dont expect them to rise or fall substantially next season, but after next season, I'd expect Ronnie to drop consistently.

    They have both been at the peak of their powers for several years, and during their time on the index, they will have made a lot of people, a lot of money in both PB and MB.

  • Witht the managerial merry-go-round in full effect. Moyes at West Ham gone. Big Sam at Everton sacked. Au revoir Arsene at Arsenal. Tuchel at PSG. Rumours about the future of Conte at Chelski, Poch possibly unsettled at Spurs, and Zizou still fighting to hold onto his job at Real Madrid despite a potential 3rd champions league trophy in a row.

    Most managers like to leave their mark early doors and bring in their own players/staff.

    If this is the case, their will be lots of transfers and even more transfer rumours.

    My advice is to get in now with these potential movers, ahead of the curve and hopefully make yourself a wee bit of profit!

  • I like Carrasco at the moment. 79p after a recent increase. Good chance of making the Belgium squad As he played in the last friendly even after his move to china. Could also see a move back to a PB league this summer as he stated the reason he left for China was to get game time for the WC and as that was the only league he could move to (window shut in all other leagues)

    Will drop if he is left out and if he doesn't move but I believe it's worth the risk to pick up a player that could easily be £2+ for 79p.

    Might be worth a punt if you're on a smaller budget.

  • @Ozzlebert

    Yeah I agree with you on Carrasco. He was a cracking player with Atletico Madrid.

    I was very surprised when he went to China, and figured it was probably for the ridiculous cash he would have been offered.

    Even if he doesn't move this summer. I'd expect him to come back to the big leagues within 3 years, and your right, he would easily be valued near to the 2 pound mark.

    As the great philosopher Gary Barlow once said 'have a little patience'.

  • I held carrasco for ages in the hope he would go to a point buzz league. In honesty his PB scores when he played for atletico weren't that great.

    I think he's a good footballer but not sure he's a great FI player. Plus if he stays in China any longer than the summer I don't see his price rising much so it could be stagnant money for a while.

    Just a few observations based on previously holding but good luck whatever you decide.

  • @Stevo good observations. Only question I would have on his PB is were they bad because of him or because of Athletico's style of play?

    Only Griezmann has good PB scores in that team and that's probably due to him being the star and scroing most of the goals.

  • @Ozzlebert it's hard to say. I mean they are renowned for being quite defensive so maybe in a free flowing attacking side like man city or similar he'd be a lot better PB wise but wouldn't really know until it happens. Maybe if he plays for belgium in the world cup might give us an indication.

    I was tempted to buy carrasco when he plummeted to about 45p after the China move but I'm not sure how long his contract is. I doubt the Chinese club will let him just go after a few months unless they make a profit.

  • @Stevo If you read my post you would see I mentioned I hold Neymar and Pogba lol. Salah I have sold because after the season he has had he cannot top that and the only way is to perform less. He is also moving to Spain soon perhaps which means no MB.

  • @johnboywalker I get that your tounge was firmly in cheek on this one. But just a small point. Messi is 2 1/2 years younger than Ronaldo. So if you bought him now you could realsitically expect him to be at Ronaldos current performance level and price at the end of your shares 3 years life.

    Annoys me slightly that people look at these two as the same age. He could still go back to Newell's (not going to do the abbreviation of that name, even if it does make for one of the childishly funny badges in football) next year but I think he's got a few miles left in him yet

  • On Carrasco, agree he's stagnant money until he moves or blows up at the WC....apart from the event of him getting in Belguims squad on Monday. If he does then he promises a very nice return. If he doesn't, well... Back to 50p he goes! At which point I will be buying!!

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