Buy order rebate effect

  • During the day we had a sort of levelling off of the market with at least my portfolio slightly rising.
    Then we had the Buy order rebate announcement which briefly accelerated the slight gains but in the last hour we are heading south again.
    Just depressing 🙄😉

  • People taking an opportunity to cut their losses and leave a little less down than they would have hopefully

  • Annoying.

    Looked like a natural base for prices today, now this rebate and the arse falls out the market again.

    People are just fucking shit.

  • Why on earth are people still selling?, makes no sense to me, Surely only selling at a loss too.

  • Or people utilising the later deadlines and trying to take out for the guaranteed divs

  • @NewUser515012 it's incentivised everyone selling and recycling for ipds.

    Not a great idea in hindsight.

  • @NewUser515012 if people are selling it means people are buying the lower the prices the beter. driving them prices down means better return in divs in %. Its good all round.

  • @CLACKETT But its constant selling day after bloody day,relentless!.

    Felt the market had sort of leveled off today then that announcement and voila 🙄

  • @Gazz127 yeah it's like a scab or a spot they cant help but keep picking it making it worse. Be nice if the just let things settle and let it run its course for a while to get a true reflection of how things are. Makes me think this is a bit more serious.


    How can it be good all round? It’s not good for the existing traders.

    You have traders continually buying at what they feel is the perceived ‘bottom’ of a player one week and said player is then dropping another 20/30% the next. This is creating panic in a lot of inexperienced / casual traders as they see their ports values shrink which is then causing many to IS and probably leave the platform altogether as it’s not worth the stress. Just to twist the knife, some of those who leave the platform are also documenting their poor experiences of FI across the internet which will then be putting off new money entering the platform. I struggle to see how it’s good all round.

  • @Gazz127

    The rebate won't spur todays market so much but it will help boost the market on Monday when it's paid out. Not sure how big the impact will be but any bump could be offsetting a sizeable dip.

    The extension to 8pm of the div deadline could also mean a lot of people end up getting a gold day win, which again will help pump some liquidity.

    These are decent measures by FI. They are trying to push water up a mountain at this point but I'm glad to see they are trying.

  • @Stelarsi I look at it if I think I can buy a player low and get his stake back in divs in 3 years or less makes no odds if he drops the divs outweigh the drop. Il stil make money. The lower the prices the less divs I need then I'm free rolling

  • The 8.00pm deadline for PB over two gold weekend match days will have people scrambling for wins ...... encouraging people to gamble ..... could be absolute carnage !!


    Let’s hope it’s a weekend with bags of goals

    Could be bags of money for the lucky risk takers who win

  • Depay! - what happened, he was looking good when i left work

  • @G27

    whats going on...depay just risen by like 40p? is this just me??

  • Having Arnold and Ogbonna makes a decent start to the weekend after all the losses.

    Ogbonna bought for 15p a couple of weeks back when he scored vs Villa, so that’s 16p worth of dividends so far. Least I can’t make a loss on him. 😂

  • So all the people buying and selling driving most prices down and for just on two nights they might get lucky,
    crazy. more money for F1.

  • @NewUser515012 there are so many people who sign up without telling anyone, or just a few mates doing so, pump a few quid in and then check back to see losses and withdraw.

    Soft-money will never leave the platform, people will always sell at ridiculous prices because they're not involved in the community to understand.

    You see how many people trade a day, yet you don't see that many people chatting on here, or twitter, or facebook. The vast majority of soft money, do it on their own.

    It took me 6 months to move from youtube videos to the forum, and the forum have been the greatest contributing factor for me to understanding the platform. Prior to that it was almost all bad trades and good luck.

  • It's a buyers market at the moment, due to 2020 being such a bad year for so many, people either don't have spare cash or are hanging on to it understandably. Anyone who is willing to risk their money I would say are on a good thing on the index atm. I started in February and if I could turn back the clock I'd want to start again now! As it is I'll just sit tight and hopefully pick up some dividends as I'm not willing to sell at stupidly low prices.

  • @o_O said in Buy order rebate effect:

    it's incentivised everyone selling and recycling for ipds.
    Not a great idea in hindsight.

    Surely it's a perfect idea - for FI.

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